The photoshoot is not the end of the road

To be honest, I was, one of those, that felt a chill creep into the deepest recesses of my heart when I heard that TeukSo had gone for a wedding photoshoot because, like it or not, history has had it that couples on WGM left the show within weeks of the shoot. But the more that I chewed on it, the more I figured that this does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the road for TeukSo.

For one, Teukie, at least, has been open with how he actually likes being on the programme. Well. Not quite worded as directly as that, but he has protested against allegations of the programme being cancelled during the Dark Void. And with how Teukie is about work, if we are going to take this purely from a work point of view, I do not think that he is going to let this one run away that soon, especially since that means the possibility of free time for him and he has resolved (for better or worse) to break his back working all the way till he enlists.

That and there is Teukie’s introduction to Sora’s parents at the photoshoot itself. I have watched and followed a number of couples on WGM, and unless it was those that I skipped over watching, I do not recall having couples meet parents shortly before break-ups. It just does not make sense. If they were really moving to take them off-air, I do not think that her parents would have appeared this late into the game, IF the game was really coming to an end. No matter how I look at it, there is no need to add to an equation that is a lost cause. You only add to it if there is value to the addition. Bringing extra people in means more work (and stress) for the crew too, so I honestly do not think that people are going to bother themselves with dealing with extras if TeukSo was going to end their run soon.

That said, TeukSo’s run IS going to end and pretty soon as well because of Teukie’s looming military duties. But I have faith that if Teukie is going to make an exit, he is going to do it on his own terms. And if I take this in light of his recent comments, it will not be till Enlistment Day.

Chin up folks! Tis all not over till the fat lady sings! ^^

Teukie’s Comments on 10/7 Strong Heart

Once again our JungSu has opened his mouth to spill jewels sending all (even me, who is usually one of the most calm and rational), into a whooping frenzy. Well, the type of frenzy will depend on which side of the ‘oppa should or should not have a girlfriend’ fence you are on, but as all can tell, I am totally with the “go get attached already!” camp so that is moot. But I digress.

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Teuk on WGM at the ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Press Conference

I know I am two weeks behind in my writing but this seems to be the hot topic of the moment and since I am in the mood, I figured that I had better get this out of the way before I get sidetracked like I have been the last couple of weeks! (Everything is half-written!! Procrastination will be my downfall!!)

To cut a long story short, some kind souls at Baidu posted some translations of news articles in which Teukie mentioned Sora and WGM. I think they are worth sharing so I took the liberty of translating these translations.

Do note though that since these are translations from translations, I (as usual) took some liberties. The sentence structure of some parts have been changed while translating to make for easier reading while keeping as close I could to the original meaning of the sentences as a whole, so do bear these in mind while reading.

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Episode Notes : 120606

Huwaah! 4 months of not meeting face to face?? Teukie’s DEFINITELY going to be awkward!! LOL!!

Er… So. MBC. Am I supposed to be less pissy at you because you filmed my Teukie talking about his Sora during the Paris trip? No. Doesn’t work that way. Not when you didn’t bring her along! I’m steadfastly holding that against you, you stupid broadcaster with the whatshisface who is still selfishly holding onto his seat at the top! TSK!

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Very quick gripe

This sounds terribly selfish in light of the ongoing strike but…

MBC!! Why is it that you have the manpower to go film Super Junior in Paris but have no manpower for WGM?? Would it kill you to have brought Sora along?? I demand that you pack TeukSora off to their deserted island right this instant!!

Actually no. Scratch that. I demand that you pack TeukSora off to their deserted island this instant with a camera and a tripod. They can selca like the pros they are so they don’t even need the staff that you don’t have!!

No. Wait. Even with that thought, I’m still annoyed that you could scrape together the staff to do a SuJu in Paris special but cannot do anything else (read: no more Radio Star either). That is such bullshit!!

MBC!! You let my Teukie meet his Sora now you stupid station with irritating double standards you!!!

Whatsyourface!! You hurry up and resign already you useless stick in the mud!! My Teukie is going to enlist soon!! We have no time to sit around and wait for you to play political games!!

GROWL!!!! MBC!!!!!

*shakes fist, kicks and throws things*

Okay. Now I feel a wee bit better.

Blessed Easter everybody!! ^^

About strikes

Just learnt today that Korean labour laws are such that even if you go on strike, you continue to be paid as if you were working. So it means that nobody in MBC is going back to work because he or she is feeling particularly lean in the pockets, because they are still being paid every day/month/year that they are on strike. Which means that this could go on for an eternity till Kim Whatshisface decides to call it a day!

Interesting. Let’s just hope that whatshisface calls it a day before the government calls Teukie then.

Gone Sewing!!

Mieru laughed when I told her that I would put up this notice but as strange as it sounds, that’s exactly what I am busy with. Not a joke. Am really struggling with my sewing but the long and short of it is that I have been, and still am, busy prepping for my trip so will be ‘gone’ for a while. Nope! Have not forgotten TeukSora. Yes! Still love them to itty bitty bits and yes, am still looping their episodes with my nose buried in felt, thread and faux cotton stuffing.

I already expected, when writing my MBC strike post, that WGM would go back to non-airing again so that was no surprise. Good coz that means even more time for me to procrastinate on writing on the back episodes. REALLY BAD coz time is running short for TeukSora. I vaguely remember something about South Korean males having to enlist before their 30th birthday and even though he does not look or act it, Teukie’s turning 30 (by their count) come 1 July and July really is not that far off. I mean, it is March already and personally I am in a “What the hell?!?” state over it being almost April coz hey! Wasn’t January like… Last week or yesterday or something?? o.O

That aside, thankfully there is that gadget known as the ‘mobile phone’ that still lets our couple keep in touch. Downside is, knowing how he is, Sora’s concern about him reverting back to jeondaemal is a very real one. Sigh…

In any case, am really hoping that MBC will resolve their internal matters soon (Dude, just GO ALREADY since NONE of your staff want you there! Tsk!). If I am in the vicinity, maybe I will nose round and see what’s up there since I have not seen much update or reports on how the MBC strike is going. We’ll see.

Till next time then! Soon!! *waves*

Episode Notes : 120310 (Additionals)

Watching Teuk’s attempt at scaring Sora from behind reminds me that sometimes I actually do think that they complement each other so well because one is at the mental age where the other is physically. =P

Ahh! The cactus-wannabe thing behind where the bears went on is not a stand. Tis a coat rack!! I geddit now!

One thing about these two: They both have distinct laughter. When you hear it, you know it is them!

So the recipe book that Sora bought was supposed to be a BASIC book, but going through the first page was challenging for Sora. Aigoo! What’s going to happen to Teukie’s seafood stew? =P But I like that Sora is willing to meet the challenge. She’s cool that way! Melikes!!

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Episode Notes : 120310

Teukie’s such a child!! ROFL!! But I would have been happier if he had hugged her from the back instead of patting her arm. Hee! =P

Think they have yet to see how the house looks like since all the furniture went in. They look REALLY happy!! But what makes me happiest is that they DO have a piano in the house!! YAY!!

Sora’s brought lots of things with her for the house! A heart-hug cushion, similar to the ones that they sell in Ikea and a pair of plush bear hand puppets that fans gave. Sora Bear and Teukie Bear!!

She’s also brought a recipe book. It is a quite a big book! They’re flipping through it and he’s telling her what he wants from it. She says that she will try her best. Sora-sshi! Fighting!!! p(^^)q

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Dilly*Dally – The ‘Group Date’ Bakery (A Follow-Up)

Remember this? That particular branch of Dilly*Dally apparently has some new signage up trumpeting their role in Fighting Junior’s blind date! (Photo credits as tagged!)

My only gripe is this: Did they HAVE to use a cap of HyukJae giving that mobile in a cake box to EunSeo?? Granted, the cake box was the bakery’s but still… -_-

I shall endeavour to go check the place out myself next month! Wish me luck!! ^^