Reel Feelings vs Real Emotions

The Dimple Couple seems to be a hotbed for hot topics on a weekly basis of late and this probably has to be -THE- topic of the week for them: Teukie’s conversation with ShinDong during their break at SM Town New York that was not quite about Sora but totally involved her. I was actually quite curious as to how RyeoWook could sit there swallowing dinner while his two publicly taken hyungs were there discussing feelings and emotions. Then again, if I were in his shoes, I would be busy shovelling the munchies into my mouth pretending to be totally disinterested while my ears went into overdrive, stretching out to hear as much as possible. Never hurts to learn from your elders!

For the uninitiated, here is my translation of a Chinese subbed video of the relevant portion of the episode so that you can get right into the swing of things. The words in squared brackets do not appear in the subs. They are there just to make the sentence more complete for reading in the context of the sentence. I tried to exercise listening comprehension a little to double-check wherever I could, but my Korean is lower than ‘fail and lose’ so… Take it with a pinch of salt.

(Splash Screen) Teuk’s Inner Heart That Could Not Be Revealed to Sora

SD : It looks as though you are really [falling] in love when filming [WGM].
SD : [The] feelings are there aren’t they.

LT : Honestly, you know what makes me feel insecure?
LT : It seems like [the situation] will become very difficult.

SD : Why? ‘Because you like [her] for real?

LT : Yes.
LT : And why do I say that?
LT : We are [supposed to be] married aren’t we?
LT : And that loving heart/feeling [that we are supposed to have]. If you keep saying that you like the person, like the person, you will gradually like the person more.

SD : But of course.

LT : That kind of a feeling.
LT : I am wondering if I am the only one that feels this way.

SD : Ahh…

In my mind, there is no doubt whatsoever that Teukie does like Sora. There is even a part of me that thinks that he crushed on her at first sight coz it was printed all over his beet-red face that he thought that Sora was the prettiest thing that he had ever seen. Regardless of how he likes Sora (be it romantically or platonically), the important thing is that he does like her. And therein comes the problem.

Teukie is in a situation where he is supposed to love Sora whom he already likes. And if we take the feeling of ‘like’ in its most basic form, he does, at the very least, like her as a person. And this feeling of liking her as a person is changing and will continue to change into something more with the passage of time precisely because he is always in the mindset that he feels for her romantically. My feel from the conversation is that Teukie is very aware of the situation that he is in because the nature of the ‘like’ emotion in his heart is slowly changing into something more. And this is what he is telling ShinDong here.

What this all means is that Teukie is essentially feeling the full effects of being put in a virtual relationship, and the indicator to that is his worry that this change to feelings that he is experiencing, is one-sided. IMO, this sort of a worry is something that will only appear when the lines start to blur, and the blurring occurs when the person puts in a sizeable amount of REAL emotional investment into the virtual relationship. And this all makes sense if we think back a couple of weeks to when he mentioned during ‘Sukira’ that one’s heart becomes strange when one is on WGM, which is precisely what I think he is sharing with ShinDong now.

I do not think that he has issues with falling in love with Sora if and when it happens. And it is, arguably, happening right now because of the changing feelings that he is experiencing. His issue seems to be more to the tune of ‘my feelings are changing but what if hers don’t, then what’s going to happen’. I think he is more worried about that. And his worries are not unfounded precisely because of how guarded Sora is.

Take for example, her responses to him on Twitter. Maybe it is how I am reading it, but his ‘tone’ comes across to me as being informal, even a smudge whiny and petulant. But hers on the other hand? Her responses are comforting, encouraging but always very polite.

I think that Sora has no trouble with being closer to Teukie if he wants to. It would be hard not to precisely because of all the things that he does for her and how well he treats her. IMO, it would actually be quite mean to take him at arm’s length really in light of how sweet he has been. That and they are, after all, in the programme where they are expected to be close together coz it is ‘We Got Married’. But I guess the difficulties are there to opening her heart to him as fast as he wants because she is, afterall, the girl so she cannot really be expected to be as vocal as Teukie with the ‘I missed you’, etc. It is quite the typical Asian thing that us girls should be more reserved and this can be seen when NaYoung, one of the emcees on ‘WGM’, mentioned in passing that Sora’s polite refusal to let Teukie hold her hand the first time he wanted to was correct because girls ought to hold back a little. Sora also comes across as being quite mature for her age as well so that probably contributes to the shy, calm collectedness that greets Teukie’s gushy, mushiness each time.

And then there are the ELFs. To be honest, even I, who live several thousand miles away, am of the opinion that their local ELFs are a force to behold. Imagine Sora who is playing married to Teukie who is being the epitome of the perfect boyfriend/lover/husband/you-name-it. Can you imagine how jealous the fangirls are and how much hate she must be receiving? I can only imagine how stressful it is for her and how difficult it must be for her to really open her heart and let him in even if she wanted to because of the outside pressure.

And then of course, there is army and as we all know, a lot of things can happen in 2 years…

On the bright side, if she does let Teukie into her heart, I fancy she will be be able to survive a 2-year wait for him, because if she is able to guard her heart like this to a man that is doing this much for her in public at risk of his own personal career and popularity (read: give her a couple ring in front of his legion of fangirls), I seriously think that any other man is going to have problems unseating Teukie if she does let him in.

In any case, if I remember correctly, one of the reasons as to why AnSol from Season 1 decided to leave was because their lines were also starting to blur. I hope that does not happen with Teukie and Sora. I would be quite upset!


One thought on “Reel Feelings vs Real Emotions

  1. Honestly this post just pretty sums up a load of good points.

    I keep on saying i wish them “to be real”… but… there’s the army (2 year) issue, and he thing that if they really get together… well, they won’t be on the show anymore.

    There is also the fangirl issue… and also… Sora’s just started her career (active starting from 2009!)

    If I remember correctly, Junjin and Lee Siyoung actually got together… so it’s not totally impossible. But…

    Thinking about WGM is honestly quite depressing sometimes.


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