Episode 10 : Quick Notes

Thanks to crappy weather and the resulting feeling of general lethargy, I found myself sitting at home today watching, for the first time ever, ‘We Got Married’ on ‘live’ stream. And I tell you, as a TeukSo fan, it was well worth it! I consider myself lucky that the iMBC was not laggy but being a stream, there is a lot of compromise in quality for audio/visual.

In any case, here is a quick summary of the episode using notes that I made during the ‘live’ stream. I might be ‘off’ on some spots but most of it is here.

Sora’s in a kitchen preparing packed boxes of food. Think she was loaned a kitchen or something for her task coz the kitchen looks a little too big to be part of a house. She’s custom packed a packed lunch box of food for each of the members and she re-created her hubby’s face on his lunchbox from a photo of him which she put on the table in front of her. It turned out REALLY cute!! Her own didn’t turn out too well though. It looks kinda hilarious with bulging eyes and all. Think she used fishballs or quail eggs. =P

Sora experimented with a couple of Teukie’s photos for her banner. A lot of fans recognized her whilst she was carrying the standee from her minivan to the area outside the stadium where the floral standing wreaths were. She was very nice to the fans! Said hello and let fans take photos with the standee of her hubby that she made! She’s so nice!!

Security didn’t let her into the back areas pre-concert so she had to ask one of them to get her hubs for her. Teukie came out, she complimented him on how he looked and handed him all the food. The MCs are all grumbling that they didn’t hug then! I agree! They should have!!

The fangirls are screaming the minute she showed up in the stadium. Some looked really excited to see her while others looked like they were questioning as to why she was there. She has nice smiles for all, nods, says hi. Poor Teukie’s nervous pre-concert. Wonder if it has to do with the ring giving.

Concert’s started! So awesome seeing her sit there and singing along! And awww!! Sungmin!!! He did what he promised he would do and mopped Teukie’s beading brow with the pink heart hanky! Awesome SungMinnie! Good job!!

Dressing room now. Teukie’s getting ready. HyukJae’s turn! Huwaah!! He blotted Teukie’s face!!! Even with all the “ewwwwww that’s gross!” complaints last week, he did it! Missioned accomplished!

DongHae’s task was to feed Teukie but since they’re in the middle of a concert, can’t possibly do that so yay!! Gave water he did!

KyuHyun! He looks a bit awkward approaching Teukie and got questioned about it (I think, couldn’t really hear too well). But aww… The shoulders/arm massage!! Wah!! HUGGED!! Even Teukie’s legs get treated to a rub down! Well done KyuHyun!! ^o^

Sora’s jaw dropped at seeing her hubs play the sax. I feel you girl. Mine would too. Her reaction to the piano piece was epic!! She just threw her head back and burst out laughing!! And here comes ‘She’! Sora’s quiet, sitting there smiling while listening to her hubby sing. Ohh boy. She doesn’t know what’s going to hit her next…

Might be the stream but the fans’ screaming over her getting the ring are so loud the sound was buzzing. Can tell Teukie was quite high after giving Sora her ring. He was like whooping while running through the passage to get ready for his next performance. Post-ring Sora on the other hand looks dazed. She’s just staring at her ring. But good! She’s smiling and oh no! She’s going to cry!! >_<”’ Nooooooo!!

The ladies that were seated round her swooped in on her when she returned to her seat, most likely to ask about the ring. Honestly. Who wouldn’t be excited? I would ask too! =P Sora’s ‘My Prince’ banner came up at the part where Teukie’s in his Hulk Hogan suit. ROFL!! SungMin and then Teukie go say ‘hi!’.

Post-con, she went back to the same room where she met everybody the last time to wait for Fighting Junior to start their rehearsal for Teukie’s private performance. FJ ask her about the con/ring, etc, then start discussing the private performance. Am wondering if Sora brought a change though coz with that skirt, how’s she going to do ‘Sorry Sorry’? o.O

They waited till Teukie went to look for her with all the food that she had handed him earlier. She sat him down and went to go get Fighting Junior. After exchanging a quick and very quiet ‘Fighting!’ with her brothers-in law, Sora went back into the room and positioned herself back to her hubby with space all round her for her brothers. Teukie’s like “OMG!” when they came in and the music started. Teukie’s smile was SO BIG could barely see his eyes!

ROFL!! He thought ‘Sorry Sorry’ was it and wanted to go up to them excitedly but Hyuk told him to shush and gestured that he had to sit back down again! Teukie ah, when people are performing for you, sit quietly and don’t ask questions like ‘When did you do this?’. Just sit and watch and yes, continue smiling! ROFL!!

Post-dance she went up to him and they held hands so nicely this time! No awkwardness. Not her just letting him hold her hand as she has been doing most of the time. Twas them BOTH holding hands! Awww~ ♥

The brothers are explaining as to how the whole dance thing came about, mentioning their missions to take care of him as well. I missed out a bit but I think Number 3 either screwed up a bit or let the cat out of the bag again. =P Aii… DongHae ahh… You’re hilarious!

Ohhh!! Fighting Junior want her to back hug him herself!! SungMin even tells him to stand with his arms open so that her arms can get round in front. She looks so embarrassed! OHH!! She did it!! It was a REALLY quick one but she did it!! ^o^ Ohh! Second try!! Teukie bent over in half clutching his tummy! Couldn’t catch the gist of the conversation but I suspect he was feeling a bit awkward about that too. =P

Next week is a Christmas special for WGM where all the couples are in the studio with the MCs and oh man. Whoever edited it the trailer must be a TeukSo fan coz it ends with a shot of Teukie’s reaction while watching his wife dance and wiggle her bum to SNSD’s ‘Oh!’. ROFL!!



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