Episode Notes : 120107 (Additionals)

There’s a fangirl on Baidu that does preliminary translations of TeukSo every week and I usually read hers and watch TeukSo ‘raw’ again while waiting for the actual subs. This week, there were some interesting points that came up.

First is Sora’s drunken act during the interrogation play acting that she and Teukie were doing whilst waiting for the bedding to be packed. I did a translation of the fangirl’s translation so you can see what I mean.

[The Interrogation Game]

Teuk : Name.
Sora : Kang Sora
Teuk : Why.
Sora : Why what?
Teuk : Speak! Your motive.
Sora : I did something wrong.
Teuk : What did you do?
Sora : I didn’t put the clock up.
*switch places*
Teuk : Sora-sshi, come. You have to really look like an officer.
Sora : Un. Case number 2876.
Teuk : What?
Sora : Having affairs.
Teuk : None. I never had any affairs. Why are you being like this officer?
Sora : Any girlfriend?
Teuk : No girlfriend.
Sora : I’m the officer so what do you think of me?
Teuk : Officer is my ideal type.
Sora : Oh really? Then can you tell me what your address is again?
Teuk : What about my address?
Sora : Or you can just give me your mobile number.
Teuk : 010… Officer, why are you being so nice?
Sora : Coz you’re my ideal type.
Teuk : You do know that you have to conduct your investigation with a cool head?
Sora : Can’t. It is my first time in 22 years.
Teuk : Then we’ll get married?
Sora : I live alone so you can just come.
Teuk : Ah. Thank you.
Sora : Life sentence without parole.
Teuk : I cannot win. What am I to do? Can you do it like how you were in ‘Sunny’?
Sora : How? Do this again?
Teuk : Do it with real acting this time.
Sora : Then I’ll come over from there.
Teuk : A drunk woman.
Sora : A drunk woman with LOTS of aegyo.
*stumbles over*
Sora : Oppa~ It is so hot in here.
*removes coat*
Sora : What’s your name?
Teuk : You are here to undergo investigation.
Sora : Please investigate lots! I want to always be investigated!
Teuk : I would like to continue investigating you too. Right. Name.
Sora : Ahh~ I don’t like sharing my name.
Teuk : You have to tell me your name. Name!
Sora : Guess what my name is!
Teuk : Ya, why are you being like this really.
Sora : Nnnng~ *basically sitting there making cute noises*
Teuk : Ya, don’t you know where you are now?
Sora : No idea.
Teuk : This a police station. Police station!
Sora : I can’t see anything else other than oppa~
Teuk : Aii… Really. *he’s saying this in a tone of resignation*
Teuk : Name.
Sora : Are you going to give me something if I told you my name?
Teuk : Name.
Sora : Oppa, what’s your name?
Teuk : You’re being really bad now.
Sora : Is that hair oppa’s hair?
Teuk : Of course that’s my hair.
Sora : And the brows are oppa’s brows? Aii~ So handsome. Hasn’t anyone told you that you look like a celebrity?
Teuk : I used to dream of being one as a kid.
Sora : Oh really? Super Junior! You look like Lee Teuk! I’m going to call you Officer Lee Teuk! Officer Lee Teuk!
Teuk : Age.
Sora : Age is a secret. How can you ask a lady as to what her age is?
Teuk : Age is something that needs to be investigated as well.
Sora : Don’t investigate that. Go out and do some investigation with me.
Teuk : What go out? What’s to investigate?
Sora : Nothing. I just wanted to see oppa which is why I’m here. Shall I tell you how I got here to see oppa? I dated lots of men but when I saw this one, I decided that he was the one. Lee Teuk oppa~
Teuk : Who did you learn that from?
Sora : Who did I learn that from? *said in sing-song tone*
Sora : When I go in you can write that. And when I come out, shall we go have bean curd together?
Teuk : Headache.
Sora : When I think about it, my life till now has been nothing but a farce. From now, it is real. Here, from the moment I saw oppa, my life has just started.
Teuk : I really like this.
Teuk : Why are you so good? You’re not really drunk are you?
Sora : No, no I’m not. I’m fine.
Teuk : Put your coat on. You really gave me a shock. Aii! Such a good actress. Well done.

When I watched the show without subs this afternoon, I assumed that Teukie’s behaviour through the ‘interview’ was because of Sora’s aegyo. But when I read these prelim translations and rewatched the portion again, I think part of it has to do his own feelings getting majorly jumbled up by the things that Sora was saying especially towards the end of their play-acting. And he was most likely trying to keep himself grounded by complimenting her on her acting abilities so he can remind himself that that was play acting and not really her talking to him.

As for Sora, there is a small part of me that is hoping that what she said did come from her heart. I do suspect though, that the person from whom she got inspiration for the ‘dated lots of men but decided that this one’s the one’ bit from nobody else but Teukie. Coz that was the lifeline that he tried to throw to himself when he was getting cornered during the special over his underground dating by saying that those were all to prepare him for his meeting Sora. So I suspect she recycled the idea, tweaked it and threw it back at him this way. Clever girl!

Second thing was that Teukie was really VERY serious when he told Sora that she is not to spend money in front of him. When she tried to pay at the furniture store, his expression changed and told her to leave it. When she continued to try finding an excuse to pay, his expression just got darker and darker till she wised up and changed the topic. But could still see that despite her efforts Teukie wasn’t happy. Not until they left the store and moved on to do other things at least. Aii. Sora-sshi. You must learn very quickly that you hubby’s a genuine sweetie pie but when he really gets angry… *runs away*

About Sora’s cooking. I think when she made the dosirak for Teukie, it gave him certain expectation, especially when she’s also been telling him that she will take care of his meals since they got married. So yes, I would expect him to be disappointed especially when she was struggling while preparing dukbokki which isn’t exactly a dish of rocket science level. Call me biased, but I don’t think that she was lying. The backroom interviewer apparently asked her how many times she has prepared meals and she said once. When the dosirak was mentioned, she said that she does not count that as cooking but preparing edible food. So from that I infer that Sora can cook in as far as basics are concerned, ie the end product of whatever she throws into a pan can be ingested. But where it comes to full blown preparing of dishes, that’s where the problem comes.

To be honest, from the last few WGM wives that I have watched, they all can prepare edible food if you leave them to it. But asking them to do anything more than that is a challenge. The only WGM wives that I have watched that could REALLY cook-cook were Hwayobi, HwangBo and Victoria. The rest all struggled. Am thinking that on hindsight, maybe Sora should have just taken Seo InYoung’s route and denounced cooking so much so that when she came up with fried ham, eggs and sausages, it was welcomed like some 4-star Michelin grade meal. Be as it may, Sora definitely looks bad now and I have already seen some gloat over her inability to prepare dukbokki for Teukie. But I’m quite certain that she will pick up soon enough. She’s demonstrated a willingness to pick up things for his sake so I have faith that cooking him a square meal will not be a problem too big for her to overcome. I wonder if RyeoWook would be willing to teach her how to cook… =P



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