Episode Notes : 120107

Another lazy day in at home so decided to just mooch and watch TeukSo via iMBC again since it was so much fun last week! Quite worth the time this week too, as it turned out. ^^

Teuk brought along a pair of couple mittens that they won from the Year End special that they could share wearing one side each whilst keeping their free hand warm in his coat pocket! What was cool was that Sora didn’t seem all that awkward holding hands and having her hand in his pocket and Teukie was as happy as a lark with it. LOL!!

Apparently the man in the photo that we saw was not the landlord but their housing agent. Teukie went to the housing agent armed with a little red notebook with a whole list of questions to ask when house hunting and was plying the agent with them. His wife looks impressed. She asked him when he got that ready but I couldn’t quite catch what his response was.

They get a rundown of the things that they will get with the house, rest of which they will have to get themselves. There’s mention of kids somewhere in this conversation (woohoo!!) and Teukie’s been promised a massage by Sora.

The house is really nice! Not really 2 storied but more of a high-ceiling single-level flat with an attic. The attic has a ‘window’ that looks down to the first floor. The room with the stairs leading up to the attic seems a bit claustrophobic to me though especially since it does not have windows. Wonder how they are going to fit a double bed in there. Maybe there are other rooms which they did not show which could be used.

Teukie’s having fun calling her ‘Yeoboooong~’ while getting her to open the door for him. Best way to test out whether the intercom works! LOL!!

Ohh! Sora wants a grand piano in the house! Erm… I think the house is a bit too small for that…

The closet in the living room’s as high as the ceiling. Tis for storage. Teukie’s face! ROFL!! Think his wife said that they wouldn’t need to put things all the way up there. =P

Joint tenancy! They both get their names on the tenancy agreement so that there will be no fights! I started to clap too when Teukie put his thumbprint on the contract! Housing agent got chased out! ROFL!!

Dimple House Rules! Teuk offered to clean the toilet coz he apparently does that a lot? Sora wants to do it precisely coz he does it a lot. Aii… These two…

Furniture shopping! Lots of play acting as to what it would be like at home! Teukkie giving his wife a massage whilst she’s sitting at the dressing table. Holding hands while watching tv. All Teukie does now is open up his hand and immediately Sora’s is out to meet his. Good! Well done!! Progress!!!

OMG!! The ‘lets try out the bed’ bit is possibly THE LONGEST part of the entire TeukSo segment today! No. Scratch that. I don’t think I have seen a WGM couple spend as much time trying out a bed as these two to date. At least bits that passed the editorial room’s scissors. Those two were literally playing under the blanket while everybody in the shop is looking!! But that didn’t stop the two of them rolling close to each other under the blankets. I keep hearing “It’s comfortable/warm in here” and at one point, the look that Teukie was giving Sora… His blood’s raging! ROFL!!

Can’t catch what happened to the cow clock that he gave her but its not being used somehow and that got Teukie a little bit upset. She’s holding his hand whilst apologizing. I think it helped that they were both still on the bed when she apologized. =P

Sora’s portrayal of the drunk woman during their ‘police interrogation’ was awesome!! It was literal aegyo explosion on her part! All through it, Teukie is holding onto his play-acting and not looking at her. He’s definitely listening and is probably taking in every cutesy intonation to her words but he isn’t looking at her at all! Think he would like implode on the spot or something if he did coz she was being REALLY cute! She called him ‘Oppa’ in a cute tone SOOOOO many times!! i think that’s why he’s not looking at her. He would lose control of himself if he did and they’re sitting right at the foot of the bed that they were rolling around in just moments before. LOL!! (I’m sorry ah Teukie! I love you to bits but you’re too hilarious here to not have me poke fun at you!!)

Think Sora caught the bit where Park SoHyun ‘told her’ via the Brave Couple segment couple of weeks back that Teukie likes dukbokki and she asked him about it. Hence the choice for dinner I guess.

Offhand, think Sora bumped and knocked herself at least three times while they were in the furniture shop. Think first time she bumped her head on the headboard of the bed while they were playing so Teukie rubbed her head for her. Second time, she backed into some drawers while trying to see some storage which comes with the bedframe, and Teukie ran over to rub her back for her. Third time she kicked the corner of a coffee table while following Teukie out so Teukie had her walk in front of him instead so he could watch out for her since she was being so accident prone.

Payment time! She wanted to split costs with Teukie but he reiterated what he said the last time that he pays for everything. Huwaah. Cool hubby! Think they went home having bought a dressing table, sofa, bed and (I think) a lamp. There were about 5 or 6 items in total but I cannot remember what they all were.

Food shopping! One more thing in their list of things to do together which they mentioned during their first meeting done!

The street leading up to their house is a hill and Teukie’s panting whilst going up coz he’s carrying most of the stuff! She wants to help him carry the things but he doesn’t want to let her so they end up linking arms and carrying things together.

Cooking time!! Sora knows how to boost her hubby’s ego. Can’t open things, get hubby to open then call him ‘cool’ for it. Sora’s totally lost as to what to do so Teukie is leading. At one point Teukie told her to go sit and he will handle it but she wants to work with him on the meal. She apparently cannot cook as well as we thought she could but from what we have seen of her so far, I think she will make an active effort to improve in the coming days/weeks.



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