Happy Birthday SungMin!!

SungMin on ‘Sukira’: Last week I… to be more accurate, it was a week before this… received birthday wishes. Kang Sora hyungsu-nim also gave me birthday wishes. The cake, LeeTeuk-sshi very forcefully smashed into my face. I was very touched then so I’m playing this song for everyone. Sung Shi Kyung’s ‘You Touched My Heart’. **

I truly feel sorry for the cake. That the cake looks put-together and not store-bought makes me feel even more sorry for it. Upside to it was that the amount of ‘effort’ that Teukie exerted in ‘giving’ Min his cake was apparently big enough such that all those nearby got to ‘share’ Min’s cake.

Teuk ah, whatever did the cake do to deserve this? Min was the one that threw your dirty laundry out for airing, not the cake. The cake had no part to play with your bum getting grilled! The cake was innocent!

Oh wait. Maybe that’s why the cake ended up that way…

No matter. Min still looks happy with his face awash in cake so…

Happy (Belated) Birthday SungMin!! ♥

** Translated from Chinese by request at Soompi



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