Dilly*Dally – The ‘Group Date’ Bakery

‘Because I have the heart, body, mind and soul of a foodie, I am putting aside everything to touch on the place that Fighting Junior had their group date in. In light of the fact that one still has SEVERAL half-written posts about everything else that has happened over the course of the last two months (urk!!), one shall endeavour to keep this short and relatively sweet. One, however, cannot promise that this will be painless. This is, afterall, a post concerning food. Unless you happen to not like food then that is a totally different issue.

This all started out because I caught a glimpse of the floormats that TeukSora were trodding on when they entered the bakery. MBC’s editing room was being sloppy as usual so they covered up the name of the bakery here but not there. Anyway, this is MBC and we know how they can (not) work so…

Armed with the look of the shop and its name, it did not take long locate the exact branch of Dilly*Dally that TeukSora and Fighting Junior were in. The problem was with finding proper pictures of the place because (1) my Korean is crap and (2) the pictures of each branch on the Dilly*Dally website were miniscule! If the shopfront photos were considered tiny, the photos of the interior were microscopic! How is one expected to see anything?!

Thankfully, a relatively short but fruitful sojourn through Google Korea led me to a blogger who had been to the shop in question.

Introducing, Dilly*Dally @ NonHyeon-dong.

I am no expert in digital cameras (being the user of a standard point-and-shoot myself), but even though the color reproduction of the camera that the blogger used was somewhat lacking (that and MBC mega-filtered their video footage), you can tell from the low wooden rail surrounding the front of the shop that this is the right place.

The display on the left side of the shop. This photo was taken at an angle similar to the microscopic one found of the NonHyeon store on the Dilly*Dally website. You can see the handrail of the staircase leading upstairs near the top left-hand corner of the photo.

The right side of the shop. This we did not get to see in WGM coz the camera was mostly concentrated on the left where the stairs are, but you can tell from the photo that it is really nice and cosy on the ground floor. Lots of room for walking and browsing and from what I saw in the photos, there is MUCH to see in terms of the munchies!

The front and centre of the bakery. From the photos, there seem to be two counters where you can place orders for drinks, ice-creams and sandwiches but I am thinking that this is the main spot to head for when you want to place an order or want to pay for anything that you have picked off the displays. And ohhh! I absolutely love that they call their munchables ‘Yummies’!

Of course, a glimpse upstairs where all the action during the group date happened.

And how can one possibly post about a bakery without an obligatory picture of the munchables themselves?

Can you smell all that baked goods yet?

Going by a photo of the overhead menu that the blogger took, drinks at Dilly*Dally range from ₩2,800 for an expresso (TeukSora’s Americano is about ₩3,800 per serving) to ₩5,800 for a yoghurt smoothie. Which is pretty much about the same as what I would pay in Starbucks or one of the other coffee places here. I would love to try the chestnut pumpkin latte! Sounds sweet, creamy and very yummy though I strongly suspect that the brew is seasonal and not available all year round.

I did a little bit of reading up about what the bakery offers and the item that comes up most often is their Coco Pops cake. It has been described as a rich, almost brownie-like chocolate cake that is covered in dark chocolate and topped with chocolate malt balls. A slice of the same will set you back by about ₩5,700. Just describing it is causing my mouth to water and my throat to feel dry and sore all at the same time (read: chocolate on chocolate on chocolate). Very strange sort of feeling this is.

The other recommended item that comes up often is that of their croissants (₩1,700) that are said to be light, fluffy and just about right in flakiness. One can already imagine the crunch of the almonds accompanying one’s very first bite even as a warm, buttery flavour from the croissant itself envelopes the palate…

Oh help, I’m hungry!! >_<”’

The bakery is a 7 minute walk from NonHyeon Station (Exit 7) and can be located at the following address:

서울 강남구 논현동 49-17
Seoul, Gangnam-gu, NonHyeon-dong 49-17

All photos of the NonHyeon shop and the range of baked goods that Dilly*Dally offers were found here and here.



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