“Lee MinJung” “Ideal type” my foot!

Hereinafter commences some very candid and pointed commentary, ie my personal take on this entire farce of an incident. If you wish to read, you may do so but it is to be done entirely at the risk of your own displeasure because I personally feel very strongly, at this point in time, that the situation calls for me to be neither civil or neutral. Hence, if you think that you will, in all likelihood, be upset, I suggest that you pass this by and just move on along with reading something else. Please do NOT come biting at me if you do read and get upset because you have been duly warned.

Bloody ridiculous! That is what the whole Lee MinJung episode is. Close to 24 hours of nothing but pure stupidity. In fact, I cannot not even begin to understand as to how the whole thing came to be blown out into such mammoth proportions in the first place over something so simple and innocuous.

There were, in total, two consecutive tweets that Teuk did pertaining to Lee MinJung, both of which were accompanied by fan-taken photos that had him holding an award trophy with Lee MinJung in the background. I shall not bother about the very first tweet but only with the second since that has become the focal point of controversy.

Teuk has since deleted the tweet but the text full text of the tweet has been retained on some fansites and reads as follows:

@ special1004: 대상 직접주신 이민정 누나 힐링캠프보구 얼굴도 아름답지만 마인드가 이상형이 되어버린 ㅠㅠ

Translation : Lee Min Jung noona who personally presented the daesang to us. Watching Healing Camp, her face is beautiful too but her mindset has become my ideal type ㅠㅠ *

Now, even if I did not read the original Hangul tweet myself and just read the translation, it is clear that Teuk said that Lee MinJung’s mindset was the thing that became his ideal. That is exactly what this translation said “… mindset has become my ideal type”. In fact, you can pick any other translation of this statement done by any other reputable translator, I can tell you for sure that this is EXACTLY and PRECISELY what Teukie said.

What was tragic was that people decided to practice EXTREMELY selective reading and opted to only see two phrases (“Lee MinJung” and “ideal type”) whilst omitting everything else. And of course LeeTeuk got hell for it from so-called Dimple Couple “supporters” who made sure that he knew of their unhappiness by spamming him via Twitter with it.

Pray tell. If you want to read in such a lazy and sloppy way, why bother reading in the first place?

Reading the translation of Teuk’s tweet (or any given translation of it at that), kindly enlighten me as to which portion states that Lee MinJung herself has become Teuk’s ideal type? Where exactly does he say that? It was implied? I do not think so. Let me explain why.

Some claim that Teuk was misunderstood in this whole incident because of his phrasing, that his use of words were unclear. I put it to you, dear reader, that that is pure, utter and complete rubbish.

If you look at the tweet itself, you will see that he phrased himself out very clearly to say “마인드가  이상형이  되어버린” which literally translates to “mind (has)  ideal  become“. In fact, he spelt the keyword ‘mind’ out in Hangul (‘마인드’) so really. Where is the ambiguity to what he said? What was there to misunderstand, misread and/or misinterprete? In my opinion, nothing.

And for those of you that were “waiting for him to explain”. Tell me, what exactly was it that he needed to explain? If anything, I would have thought that you were the one that needed to go re-read what he said and not expect him to explain himself because there is absolutely ZERO for him to explain.

LeeTeuk was not being sneaky. He was not hiding some hidden agenda for comparison between Lee MinJung and Kang Sora in his words. He waxed neither lyrical nor poetic with what he said. He stated everything that he wanted to say in absolutely plain language and he just meant EXACTLY what he said. Every single word of it. Everything was out in the open, plain for all to see. People just chose to NOT see it.

For those who so boldly said that Teuk will not let the hate bother him because he is considered an industry veteran and is used to being hated, let me put it to you that NOBODY will EVER get used to being hated on. Why? ‘Because we are but human and humans have feelings that can be hurt.

@special1004 :밑에 이민정 누나와 함께 이사진 잼있는건데..안웃긴가?..이젠 누구 팬입니다!말 절대 못하겠군..이런..ㅋㅋㅋ난 슈주 팬입니다..됐나?ㅋㅋ다들 다큐로..ㅋㅋ뭐 난 원래 욕 많이 먹는 캐릭터니까..상관없음..^^장수하겠어..ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation : The photo with Lee Minjung noona was supposed to be funny.. Was it not?.. I guess I can never say that I am a fan of someone now.. Darn.. ㅋㅋㅋ I am a Super Junior fan.. Was that okay? ㅋㅋ Everyone is documenting .. ㅋㅋ Well, my character is the one that gets talked badly about .. So doesn’t really matter .. ^^ I’ll live long .. ㅋㅋㅋ **

@special1004 :상상은 발전하게 만들고 망상은 주변까지 피해를줌요즘은 망상자들이 많아 지고있어 인터넷이 좋기만한게 아니야~^^

Translation : Imagination brings innovation and delusion brings damage. There are a lot of delusional people, so the Internet isn’t all good ~ ^^ **

Surprise surprise!! Teukie -IS- upset!

Both these tweets were deleted shortly after they appeared on the timeline but as usual, ELFs are always one step ahead of their President hence the text still remains. But it is obvious from his self-deprecating, bitter sarcasm as well as the bite in his choice of words that clearly indicates that he has been affected by all the hating.

And it does not stop there. No. It would not be LeeTeuk if he did not give vent to his frustrations in some form or factor and I trust that in his situation, there would be A LOT of frustration.

@special1004 지조있고 현명하고 늘 긍정적인 마인드를 가지신 신사임당이 저의 이상형입니다

Translation : Principled, wise and always positive. The mind of Shim Saimdang is my ideal type.

Ah! So now his ‘ideal type’ is Shim Saimdang-sshi? But what about Sora then?? LeeTeuk. So now you have finally found your ideal woman and she is not Kang Sora! Park Param. Always the skirt-chaser. Always playing the field. Everything on WGM that he did was an act! None of it was real! He is a liar! He has cheated Sora and he has cheated us! How dare he!!

Dear reader, if some part of you, over the course of this whole entire godforsaken saga, had your thoughts running along all or some of those lines, let me say that I am feeling most FOOLISH and EMBARRASSED for you by now if you are not already having the decency to feel so for yourself.

@special1004 난 이래서 5만원이 좋아 ㅋㅋㅋ 포인트는 이상형이 아니라 사진이라고 ㅋㅋㅋ 제발… http://t.co/izC1JBr2

Translation : I like a 50000won like this ㅋㅋㅋ The point is not about my ideal type, but this photo ㅋㅋㅋ ***

For information’s sake, the photo that Teuk attached to the above tweet was a picture of a ₩50,000 banknote bearing the image of Shin Saimdang. And if you are too dense to notice, let me spell it out to you that Teuk -IS- making a statement to those of you who went at his throat just because he used the phrase ‘ideal type’ (‘이상형’) in his tweet about Lee MinJung.

I said this before and I will say it again. LeeTeuk’s two tweets on Lee MinJung were nothing more than an expression of his pride and admiration for her. The first tweet that he did over the photo of himself and Lee MinJung was actually good enough indication that he was fanboy-ing over her. His second tweet made that intention even clearer. He stated very clearly that after watching ‘Healing Camp’ with her in it, even though Lee MinJung is pretty, it was her mind and not her face that he admires. That was really ALL there was to it.

Unfortunately, there are just some who would doggedly believe otherwise and/or choose to dig deeper and further into his words, twisting them so that it would serve their purpose simply because they thrive on witnessing chaos and controversy. To the latter sort of people, I have nothing save for three words for you: GET A LIFE!

Ordinarily I would not have even touched on this and let it just blow over in peace. But when I saw how upset Teuk was over the incident, the indignation over the injustice of the whole situation just took over and I decided that I just HAD to say something. And I can say for sure that Teuk did not simply just decide to vent his frustrations over the situation on Twitter. He was still bantering with HyukJae a couple of hours before he decided to explode and to be honest, I was quite proud of him that he held it all in for as long as he did.

As a Dimple Couple fan, I am ashamed that the ones that attacked him this time are nobody else but people who also call themselves Dimple Couple fans. It was sad to witness the speed at which some so-called fans were willing to throw Teuk under the bus and write him off. It really makes me wonder as to what a Dimple Couple fan really is. If you are really a fan, have you ever thought that through this sort of action, you are not helping the couple but instead pushing them apart? It is already hard enough for him as it is to ignore his own fans who are hating on Sora but now fans who are supposed to love and support Sora and himself are coming at him as well? Put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel?

No matter how much Teukie likes Sora, there really is a limit to the amount of abuse and crap that he can take because at the end of the day, he is only human. And the most extreme result of all that pressure from all sides is that he will distance himself from Sora post-WGM so that at the very least, he will only have jealous ELFs to deal with without adding unreasonable Dimple Couple fans into the equation as well.

I personally hope that this will be the FIRST and LAST time that idiocy of such astronomical levels will appear in the fandom because once really is enough.

PS : I know I usually say that my Korean is the crappiest of crap and I stand by that. But let me put it to you, my learned friend, that there is NOTHING that one cannot read and understand if one is armed with knowledge of the basic alphabet of the language, a heart full of determination and a good dictionary.

* Translation by:  @AllRiseXiahtic
Shared at www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by : Melody

** Translation by: Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

*** Translated by: @sujutr4ns
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: Destinyhae


12 thoughts on ““Lee MinJung” “Ideal type” my foot!

  1. Me again… ^^ Just reread your comment again…. and it’s even more brilliant the second time around… I’ve always said it but you have your way with words… ^^ and behind those words.. lots of sense. *admires*
    I was actually grinning from ear to ear reading your comment this time. It’s just so bloody awesome. HEAR.

    • LOL!! I’m glad someone is having fun with this! LOL!!

      Thanks again for the support akane! *hugs!!*

  2. Selective reading of this can tell me you have made a good point ;). 역시 DimpledSmiles.

    I feel like this blog basically says what I want to say, and therefore limits the need for catharsis by personally spamming somewhere. Woot!

    Some K-Netizens are like English YT-trolls, honestly, but worse because they can ACTUALLY contact their “idol”. I want to just break their bubble and be like: HEY, WGM IS A FREAKING REALITY SHOW. And I’m not an ELF… although since the show I have started to like Teuk more (but tbh I became more of a Sora fan. Going to watch DH2 because of her…even though… I’m..so…skeptical… of K-drama in general).

    “I personally hope that this will be the FIRST and LAST time that idiocy of such astronomical levels will appear in the fandom because once really is enough.”

    Well said. Again. I wish you could post this on Teuk’s twitter, or something.

    • 고맙습니다!! ㅋㅋ Much thanks for appreciating the verbal verbosity though I’m quite sure that someplace somewhere they are losing out on precious feedback and sharing from you. ^^

      I wish I could tweet Teukie properly too but well… He be duck and I be chicken. Korean is not a language that I can spell decently in and he sucks in the other languages that I can piece a decent sentence together in. So he will never understand me unless one of us suddenly turns into some linguistic guru overnight or something. >_<'''

  3. I go with you 100% on everything you said; and my heart aches knowing that some of my co-DC shippers are part of those who wanted to take him down. It makes me wonder sometimes what kind of learning these destroyers had. I admired Teuk more on how he responded to the bashers – how he first showed his frustration by directly using insulting words and then using subtle words with the same tone as the first. Hah!! The more he would get misunderstood by the narrow-minded pretenders.

    i enjoy visiting your blog – love everything you write here.

    • All I can say is that people are entitled to think what they wish to think and save for physically opening up their heads and looking in, there is only that much that you, I or anybody else can do or say to change their minds. It is true that Teukie can be quite a pro with the ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, but for this case at least, it is crystal clear that people were basically making a mountain out of a molehill. And from what I see, they have found something else to pick on about him now.

      But thank you for your kind words Elvie! I’ll do my best to write more frequently, or at least finish up my half-written ones. Playing ‘catch up’ is really difficult though. Every time I hype myself into wanting to finish up, something else happens to derail me. >_<

      But yes. I will do my best! ^^

  4. For someone who is not an ELF…. you sound very much like one. ^^
    Seems like you understand Teukie like one too. 😀

    For writing this…lots of love. i actually even love this more than baby rant. XD

    • I know and I blame Teukie for this! ㅋㅋ ^^

      I need to go get me a sign that reads “NOT ELF. YET.” or something…


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