To the delusional folk…

So it now seems that some are upset with Teukie (again!) because of this deleted tweet of his:

@special1004 :상상은 발전하게 만들고 망상은 주변까지 피해를줌요즘은 망상자들이 많아 지고있어 인터넷이 좋기만한게 아니야~^^

Translation : Imagination brings innovation and delusion brings damage. There are a lot of delusional people, so the Internet isn’t all good ~ ^^

To those who thought that Teukie was referring to TeukSora fans in his tweet and therefore calling TeukSora fans delusional, you are correct because you completely do fall under the ‘delusional’ category. Why? ‘Because you are totally missing the point! What made you think that he is referring to TeukSora fans as being the delusional ones? Is it because TeukSora fans were the ones that went after him for what he said? Where in those two short sentences does it even indicate that he thinks that fans who support Sora and himself are delusional? Did it ever occur to you that he might simply be talking about those over-imaginative people who persistently channel their energies into reading too much into what he says or does as being delusional because they ‘see’ things that do not exist? Or maybe it is because you are one of those who are so preoccupied with finding more to what he says that you are once again blind to what he really means.

Unless you are born inbuilt with a hypersensitive defence mechanism, you have to agree with me that in our daily lives, we more often than not just take things at face value. Why? ‘Because 99% of the time, things really are just as they are without any complications or complexities. For example, if you want to take a ride on the 295 bus. Do you bother yourself with why the 295 bus is numbered 295, who manufactured the bus, what fuel the bus is running on, how long the driver has been driving the bus or even question if the driver knows the route that the 295 travels on before you board it? I am sure you don’t. Why? ‘Because it is the 295 bus and the bus route goes to where you want to go and you just trust it as it is.

So why is it that we cannot read a simple tweet of 140 characters and take it the same way, ie just as it is?

Life itself is complicated enough without us complicating it. So please. Let us continue living simple, uncomplicated lives and just love Teukie and Sora as they are without reading too much into things because it is not only tiring for us, it is very exhausting for them as well.

Translation by: Allrisexiahtic



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