Episode Notes : 120128

So this week we start off with a quick recap of what happened last week before the girls start demonstrating their respective talents.

Think EunSeo was demonstrating the use of some dialect while Sena said that coz she’s bad in aegyo she had been practicing using the Korean word game/ rhyme thing. It’s the one where one says something and with the last word of that sentence, create another one using that as the sentence’s first word. She picked HyukJae as her partner for demonstration.

I don’t really understand all of it, but I could understand/catch ‘bear’ and where there are bears involved, there is bound to be cuteness!

ROFL!! The hitting!! First once, then twice, then thrice! ROFL!! HyukJae’s like “Why am I getting hit?” LOL!! HyukJae ah, you’ve trained that arm of yours enough so that you can bear the weight of your entire body on that arm. What is a little punching on it? As skinny as you are, I think Sena’s arm is only 2/3s the size of yours!

Haha! So there’s more to what Sena’s prepared to do. She and Hyuk swops sides so she’s now on the side where she didn’t get to hit.

HyukJae ah. Your endurance through the hitting was worth it wasn’t it? Now you’re getting kisses on your hand not once, not twice, but thrice! Even your Teukie hung got to his feet and was making so much noise coz of it! ROFL!!!

SoYool too did an aegyo act but her “phone call” with SungMin was adorable! It made Kyu and Hyuk’s fingers curl so Hae had to smack the rigidity out of their joints. See?? TeukSo aren’t the only cringe-worthy ones! LOL!!

After that, everybody breaks up into their groups to talk about partner choice. Teuk and his brothers downstairs, while Sora and her gal pals remained upstairs.

SungMin x SoYool gets formed first and like I said before, it would only be expect of Teukie to use this opportunity to pay them each back in their own coin what they did to him on his first date with Sora. Made them look into each others’ eyes while holding hands? That is EXACTLY what he makes MinYool do! LeeTeuk, LeeTeuk… Tsk tsk. LOL!!

Next is HyukJae and Sena. Hyuk’s TOTALLY displaying his gummy smile and I don’t think I have seen as much of the top of his head as I am seeing it today. Hyuk’s “punished” with the pet name task so both he and Sena have to come up with a pet name on the spot for each other. Now my dear. THIS is EMBARASSING!!

HyukJae and Sena are REALLY cute! Bear-incess and Bear-ince! But I actually do think that they look compatible and I’m the one with the HyukJae biased!!

DongHae REALLY likes EunSeo! He cannot even LOOK at her!

LOL!! KyuHyun!! Is this how you hold someone’s hands?? No wonder you got criticized by Teukkie!

FJ all drove to today so now we get to see part of the SuJu’s fleet of cars.

DongHae is REALLY awkward. He’s just sitting there waiting for the signal for them to go without saying anything. EunSeo tries to help by attempting conversion and even offering him a sweet but he’s just alternating between monosyllabic and silent. Wah! Lee DongHae! Where’s all your usual cheekiness? Hmm?? Hmm??

The same brand of awkwardness is present in HyukJae’s but at least the gap is being filled by a little bit of conversation and awkward laughing. And Lee HyukJae! Stop showing me the top of your head! I know what it looks like already!

Min’s car is blue? I half expected pink somewhere. Kidding! =P But SoYool’s really very open and very forward. She comes across as a bit brash sometimes but I think she’s a refreshing change from the usual demure “hee hee!” type of girls that we see.

I actually don’t know what to say about KyuHyun and YeonJoo. I mean, I think they look nice enough together but I personally do not get a vibe from them that they will work out. The rest, maybe… But hmm. We’ll see.

Bowling alley! TeukSo gives each potential couple a challenge. Unless there’s a strike, there are usually two throws to a game so the girls will take the first throw and the guys, the second. The guy in winning team gets a kiss from his partner.

TeukSo go first but Sora gutters the ball. Teuk manages to down 7.

Bear Couple is upt! Sena gutters the ball and now she has to do her whole bear act again to encourage HyukJae to an all-kill. Half-hugs given this time!

The pose at the end after HyukJae had his turn in bowling? So cool! But ended up with ONE PIN! ONE!! ROFL!!

Hae’s turn with his EunSeo. He’s like explaining her that she needs to stand her, glide the ball whatever way etc but then gets told very unceremoniously by Teuk that she already knows it all and can bowl 200! Aigoo! I’m embarrassed for you now ah DongHae. >_<

Think I missed KyuHyun and YeonJoo. Sorry Kyu!! >_<”’

SungMin actually turned to TeukSo to confirm that he will get a kiss if they win! Aii! MEN!

As usual, Lee HyukJae hijacks SoYool and kisses SungMin instead. I thought Min was going to clobber Hyuk’s head in with the bowling ball! ROFL!!

After SungMin got his kiss from SoYool, he turned to Teukie and told him “You’re jealous aren’t you?” ROFL!! Teukie said something in response to that but I was too busy scream-laughing at Min’s statement that I missed catching it. Oops! =P

The girls all get a dance time as well! LOL!! Talk about reenactments! This whole laundry list of ‘things to do on a blind date’ is looking to turn into traditional SuJu couple hazing.

EunSeo gives me a really princess vibe with the constant hair-tossing and all. Sometimes I wonder if she is really like that or if she is only this way because of the program coz Sora is not like that and the rest of the girls, even though they all have very distinctly different characters, they do not come across as being half as vain as she does. Then again, most of our groups of friends will have members that are not quite the same as we are. But yeah, it is because of this princess behavior that EunSeo is not really sitting well with me. Personal opinion.

HyukJae ah. You REALLY should rein your nottiness in even if it is for a bit. Even if this is a preliminary mid-way pairing, EunSeo’s with DongHae! Stop getting in the way! *kicks!*

Sena’s chair dance!!! The way she got derailed when HyukJae butted in reminds me of the way Sora got derailed from even starting ‘Oh!’ when Teukie butted in with his over-enthusiastic “well done”. When they asked her to redo a portion of the dance, she had to start right from the beginning and couldn’t remember everything exactly wither. Kinda like how Sora had to do her version of the SuJu medley dance and the brothers had to adjust to her instead of her adjusting to them. I guess they are actresses and doing what they are doing for a reason, idol boys!!

SoYool’s really the most and daring one out of the lot. She actually each guy out during to dance to ‘Lady Marmalade’ with her. But she ended up with a ‘no-no’ to each of them. Think only SungMin got approved. Heh! =P

The girls all opted for sexy dances but YeonJoo comes across as being the most awkward to me. Maybe because she’s the youngest and hasn’t got the look as yet. Aww! The final move at Kyu! Keke!

Hmm. I didn’t quite catch that but what about SungMin was YeonJoo talking about? Kyu looks a bit deflated while Min is looking a wee bit embarrassed.

Wah!!! DC takes the stage and ALL the brothers go into acting mode! ROFL!!! What is with all those poses??

So now Dimple Couple’s take on Lady Gaga is turning into a mass all-dance/act stage?? OMG!! The CHEESE!! I agree with Sora. What -IS- this?!?!

I like how Sora beckons her husband over to her. Twas very quick, very brief, but it was a “come come” sorta wave.

HyukJae ah, forget about acting cool at the back please? All that false modesty!

So the successful couple will get an invite to Dimple House?? Teukie! Repeat! I didn’t catch that!! O.O

And yay!! MinYool is formed!!

Teukie’s addressing EunHyuk by his full name, Lee HyukJae. Somehow I like it better like this.

Oh no!!! HyukJae called EunSeo but she refused to take his call so no go!

Lee HyukJae ah!! You are being a REALLY notti boy!!! You called her a second time?? And omg! She answered! Poor DongHae/Sena!!

Nappeun Namja!! BAD BOY!! I TOTALLY agree with the caption! You’re a BAD BOY Lee HyukJae!! VERY VERY bad boy!!

Poor DongHae. He just asked Teukie who EunHyuk was when Teukie asked him if he’s still friends with HyukJae. DongHae only knows Siwon. Lee HyukJae! I have NOTHING to say about you now!

Lee HyukJae! You are a REALLY NOTTI boy!! DongHae called EunSeo a second time and you took out the battery in her phone so that she couldn’t take the call!

ROFL!!! KyuHyun called HyukJae!! I think KyuHyun did it coz the atmosphere changed after HyukJae went for EunSeo. This is why we need KyuHyun!! But yes, he ended up calling YeonJoo with the pretty forehead!

IMO, EunSeo somehow doesn’t look very happy but I don’t know why she didn’t just answer DongHae’s call the second time.

Okay. Seriously, even for variety’s sake, I think that was a bit much. EunSeo answering Sena’s call to EunHyuk and telling her to stop calling. That was REALLY too much!

Sena is right in calling HyukJae ‘Nappeun nom!’ I AGREE!!! You go girl! He DESERVES to be scolded! TOO playful and VERY VERY VERY notti!!

Now see what you did Lee HyukJae! You made Sena cry! She should have hit you harder during her aegyo demo earlier!! You’re normally very cheeky but you are being REALLY HORRID today! Outrageous!

DongHae’s third call to EunSeo which she did answer was very sweet. “Would you like to come back?” And she did.

Teukie’s a seasoned emcee so he understands that with all varieties, the ending must be happy, which is why he tried to wind the situation down by giving HyukJae and Sena another chance. And they took it they decided to take. I guess now it remains to be seen as to what will happen during housewarming when (I think) all 8 will appear again.


One thought on “Episode Notes : 120128

  1. oh please, not all 8 people! first off, they were warned about the noise in the building when they signed the contract so better be careful with that. I don’t think Sena would be around during the house-warming.

    I saw a different Maknae in this episode; he could be a serious and sensible person if he has too. I saw in his face he was a bit uncomfortable during the EunHyuk-Sena situation; I saw the same thing on So Yool. Right now, my fave is SungMin and SoYool – I won’t mind seeing them as guests in the Dimple House.

    Thanks for the recap – better than watching the episode again.


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