Mopey Teuk

Park JungSu, Park JungSu… Here I am dragging my sorry bum off to work every day in a daze with my eyes barely open because all I want to do is sleep. There you are having a day or two off to yourself and you are griping about it stressing you out because you have nothing to do save for gym and food, and that you need to find yourself a hobby to kill time. Well. I have the perfect solution for you. Can you please come do my work for me whilst I spend your off days sleeping for you? You work, I sleep! We both win!! Awesome idea, no? And as a bonus, you can get Sora to teach you English so that you can REALLY do my work while I focus on perfecting the art of snoozing! Damn! This is sounding better and better!

Seriously though, this sort of whining over free time from Teukie is nothing new. The last time it happened was towards the tail end of last year and he was sounding really pitiful so much so that I actually felt quite sorry for him. Me!! The one that wishes that work could be outlawed, banned or transform into some non-existent entity! Me!! I actually felt sorry that he was feeling depressed over having free time! I should get my head checked and bring him along with me…


His first bit of whinging appeared around 19 December 2011 and got progressively whinier the closer it got to Christmas. He has (as usual) proven to be very adept in the use of the ‘Trash/Delete’ button on Twitter but the ELFs are (as usual) a meticulous lot and the President’s griping over his sorry state of (non-)affairs, has been preserved and retained despite his attempts in ‘cleaning up’.

@special1004 : 얼마남지 않은12월..크리스마스때 제발 스케쥴 있어라…ㅜㅜ일하다 그냥 모르게 지나가게..혼자 할게 없어서 외로워 죽을지도 몰라.. *

Translation : December which has not much days left..Please, there must be schedule on Christmas…ㅜㅜ just let it pass unconsciously during working..I might die from loneliness because I have nothing to do with myself alone..

@special1004: Merry christmas!!!!^^ 모두가 마음이 따뜻한 크리스마스 되세요!!난…할거없음..그냥 자야지..ㅠㅠ일이나 하고.. **

Translation : Merry christmas!!!!^^ May everyone have a heartwarming Christmas!! Me…I have nothing to do..I’ll just sleep.. ㅠㅠ I want to work..

@special1004: 메리크리스마스!!!…20대의 마지막 성탄절이네..실감안나..근데 난 혼자 숙소에 있다..일만하다보니 결국 일만 남았다..더 일할래!!연휴 명절 공휴일 다 싫어…휴… ***

Translation : Merry Christmas !!! … It is the last Christmas of my 20s… Unbelievable.. But I’m all by myself in the dorm.. I only have work because I have been only working.. I will work more!!! I don’t like holidays… Sigh

@special1004: 어차피 내 생일 아니니ㅋㅋ난 자야겠어!!난 새나라의 어린이니까…그리스도 축하해요^^ ***

Translation : Since it isn’t even my birthday ㅋㅋ I will sleep !!! Because I am the child of a new country… Jesus, happy birthday^^

@special1004: 크리스마스에 기적이???기적없다 ㅋㅋ그냥 밍기적 대고 있다…트위터하면서 놀기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 불쌍하네… ***

Translation : There are no miracles on Christmas?? No miracles ㅋㅋ I am just moping around.. I am playing with Twitter ㅋ ㅋ poor me…

To be fair, he was not the only one that was whining over Christmas about Christmas and I think that a lot of it has to do with Christmas being a romantic sort of season for couples over that of a religious, family holiday even though it is celebrated as such. And if you are someone who has been longing for a partner, such romantically skewed holidays can be quite a pain, especially if you are someone like Teukie who already finds holidays a chore without it being a pink-tinged one to add salt to wounds. And to make things worse, the arrival of Christmas also heralds the coming of the new year which means that Teukie would be, in a matter of days, starting the 30s of his life.

But yes Teukie. Poor you indeed because on Christmas day itself, your better half from the closest thing that you have to a romantic relationship at this point in time also tweeted and her situation was (unfortunately) the exact opposite of yours.

@reveramess 모두 메리크리스마스!! 전 이만 스케줄있어서 슝슝~~~~ =3=3

Translation : Merry Christmas everybody!! I have schedules sob sob~~~~ =3 =3

Like some, my first reaction when I read Sora’s tweet was that “Ah, she’s indirectly telling him that she’s busy today and can’t hang out with him.” But when I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that she was probably telling the fans who had been tweeting her reports on Teukie’s mopey-ness, that she has work on Christmas day. And I trust that with how blue he has been, she would have received SEVERAL notifications from fans all over the world that Park seobang was not exactly too happy a lark over the impending holidays.

And Park JungSu, I think you will live a really long life not because of the curses that have been hurled your way but because of your uncanny sense of timing. Here I am, up at 4 in the morning writing about you and your obsession with work and here you come tweeting about it. Can you please go sleep already and stop moping? The day has already ended with you doing nothing but mope! Enough! Shoo!!

Anyway, there were 5 separate tweets on this with him quoting some Indian psychologist on workaholism and I have a feeling that these are going to get deleted when he starts his next self-censoring spree coz tweets of this sort are usually the first to go. ‘Because it is now 5:39hrs where I am after a work day and my brain is turning fuzzy, I shall just separate each tweet and its respective translation with a bracketed number instead of drawing grey boxes 5 times. So here goes:

@special1004: [1/5] 일 중독..이거 고칠수 있는 방법은 뭐가 있나요?생각보다 심한거 같아서..그냥 미치겠음^^ㅋ쉬면 우울해짐 ㅋㅋ미친거 같음..여행갈까 바다보러.. [2/5] 심리학자 하리쉬 셰티는, “워크홀릭들은 대부분 젊고 미혼이며 가족과 친구를 멀리하는 경향이 있다.”며,”이들은 가정보다 사무실에서 애착을 가지기 때문에 여가 시간도 사무실에서 보낸다.”고 말했다. [3/5] 일을 열심히 하는 것은 당연히 필요한 일이지만 일 속에 파묻혀 여가 시간을 즐기지도 못하고 가정에 소홀해진다면 그것은 일로 인해 삶의 질이 향상되는 것이 아니라 오히려 일로 인해 삶의 균형이 깨지는 것을 뜻한다. [4/5] 하지만 그의 건강, 여가 생활, 친구들과의 만남 등은 어느 하나 정상적으로 이끌어지는 것이 없다.이쯤 되면 일이 곧 그 자신의 삶을 혹사시키고 성공을 더디게 만든다.젊은 시절 열정적으로 일하는 것은 바람직한 일이다. [5/5] 하지만 일과 나머지 생활에 대한 시간 분배를 잘 하는 것은 더욱 필요한 일이다. 일을 이끌어가는 삶이 아니라 일에 지배당하는 삶은 결코 아름답지 못하다. ****

Translation : [1/5] Work addiction.. Is there any way at all to cure this? Because it seems more serious than I thought.. I’d just go crazy^^ㅋ Once I rest, I get depressed ㅋㅋ It’s like I’m really crazy.. Should I go on a holiday, go see the beach..? [2/5] Psychologist Haresh Shetty says, “There is a trend that most workaholics are young, unmarried and distanced from their family and friends.” Furthermore, “Because these people feel a greater attachment to the office than their home, they spend even their leisure free time in the office.” [3/5] Although working hard is definitely necessary in life, but if one buries oneself in work and is unable to enjoy even one’s free time, and develops indifference and negligence towards their home, then he is not improving his life through his work, but essentially breaking the equilibrium of his life. [4/5] Yet there isn’t one thing that leads his health, personal life, or time spent meeting friends toward a normal lifestyle. When it accumulates to this much, the work soon leads to over-working and the delay of success. Working fervently during ones youth is a desirable thing, [5/5] but it is even more important to be able to properly allocate the time spent between work and the rest of ones life. A life that is ultimately being restricted and controlled by work, instead of a life that leads the work along, can never be beautiful in the end.

Reading his tweets led me to do some thinking and one of the random thoughts that I had was that maybe one of the reasons as to why workaholic LeeTeuk is able to enjoy his time as Park JungSu with Sora while filming WGM as much as he does is because it is in a work setting. Undeniably, WGM is work for the both of them and for someone like Teukie who thrives in a work environment so much so that he craves it when he is out of it, what else can be better other than him having fun within his own comfort zone? That and Sora does a really good job in filling the companion void for him during the hours that they are together.

On the other hand, his tweets do clearly indicate a personal awareness on his part that he is suffering from a really serious problem. Maybe the army will be an even better thing for him than I initially thought it would be. Coz if nothing else, the regimented lifestyle could possibly force him to break the bad working habits that he has developed over the years thereby compelling him to adjust and lead a more normal life where he will, at least, learn to treasure rest more. That is also conditional as to where he ends up in the army too though. If he is like Hee-nim working office hours with after-hours free, he might really just go crazy with nothing to do and/or being unable to do anything. Coz unlike Hee-nim who somehow manages to get away with a lot of things, Teuk has a history of getting bashed for the smallest of things so chances are that if he takes to Twitter or his blog or some other medium whilst enlisted, he is probably going to get scolded again.


Teukie ah, if you know what the issue is, please go try and do something about it? Miracles do happen but there is also the saying that the Lord does not help those that do not help themselves so please try starting with helping yourself? The vibe that I get from you is that nothing else other than work will get you moving, hence all you do is wallow in the depressive mood that no work puts you in coz you don’t want anything else other than work. But everything starts with baby steps! I suggested photography, others would have suggested other, more interesting things since most can spell better in Hangul than I do, and since you read most everything (even to the detriment of your own sanity) go pick something and do it! Anything! Even if at first glance it does not appeal to you. Write all your options down and pick one from a hat and make yourself do it!

Aii… This man-child… Whatever are we supposed to do with you?

Maybe I should drag you for counselling with me. Mine for sleep addiction, yours for work addiction. Hmm… *ponders*

* Posted: 19 December 2011
Translated by: @Jinn8812elf
Shared at by: reneee

** Posted: 24 December 2011
Translated by: @AngeLeeteuk
Shared at by: reneee

*** Posted 25 December 2011
Source: @special1004
Translation by: Jee at

**** Translation by : @Allrisexiahtic


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