This is why we love SungMin… ♥

So SungMin announced on his blog that he was starting Twitter again to the delight of all ELFs, but to my delight… Okay! Fine! I admit that I shrieked and started bouncing in my chair when I went to follow Min and caught sight of this:

*cue cheesy music!!*

I am smiling SO WIDELY, my face is aching!! I TOTALLY know how Teukie’s face feels like when he sees Sora now. Lee SungMin ah, why are you so awesome?? ^o^

Kang Sora now holds the title of being the first female that Min’s following on Twitter after his Twitter revival. And as of now, she is the ONLY non-SuJu member that Min’s following. If you are a DC fan and you are not smiling at this, you need to get your facial muscles checked. ^^

Going by the people that he followed, I am suspecting that Min might have checked out Teukie’s following list coz everyone else has following lists that are a lot more substantial hence there is a lot more filtering through to find people that you actually know to be done then. If I were in his shoes and wanted to just get started as quickly as possible, I would have targeted Teukie’s following list too. Which would probably explain why he managed to locate Sora for following almost immediately after he set up his account.

But how he got to Sora does not matter. The most important thing is that he decided on his own accord to go follow her. I am, admittedly, quite tempted to indulge myself in my DC daydreaming and state that this is further proof that Sora is a recognised member of the SuJu family. But, as you all know by now, I am usually more rational than that (unless it is a situation like last night when I was up at 6am trying to form lucid, coherent sentences). So I will just say that I am REALLY happy that despite all the claims of scripting etc from MBC for WGM, this proves yet again that the relationships built during the programme can be real and that Min and Sora have each gained a friend.

Right. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go off and grin retardedly for a while more at SungMin’s following list before watching the live stream in 15 minutes.


One thought on “This is why we love SungMin… ♥

  1. you know too that I adore SungMin, right? There is just something about this guy that makes you fall for him; adorable – he has that smile that is so shy and most of all, clear – no pretenses. I find him to be a very honest man – and just like he described himself in front of the girls, he is a quiet man. Just like you, I love that he is friends with sis-in-law. I notice he was behind her and LT during gthe MBC MCing – like he is always keeping a watch on her. And I also noticed from rewatching the past episodes (ep. 20 that he is the only one not bashing LT (i.e., comments re Min Hyorin, Sora too beautiful for LT, etc.) but he (jokingly) threw his dirty laundry out hamper.


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