To those that think that WGM is scripted…

… this is what LeeTeuk has to say:

@special1004: @AllRiseSilver 은혁이 우결 미팅 완전 웃겼다 ㅋㅋ 우리 호흡은 역시 대박이야 ㅋㅋ 사람들이 우결 대본이라는데 니가 좀 말해죠 리얼이라고 ㅋㅋ*

Translation : Eunhyuk your We Got Married matchmaking session was totally hilarious ㅋㅋ As expected our chemistry is daebak ㅋㅋ Everyone says WGM is scripted, you tell them. That it’s real ㅋㅋ

That particular tweet though, was deleted by Teukie less than 15 minutes after it appeared. I think he re-read himself and realised that he might, in all probability, get bashed again for saying the things that he said because Lee Sena cried after HyukJae hurt her feelings. Worse still, he and HyukJae might get accused of ganging up, bullying a girl and making her cry! It is, after all, only days after netizens went after him for his tweets so he should be exercising a little caution still at this point in time.

I agree this time that this should be deleted. But thanks anyway Teukie for letting us know! ^^

* Translated by : AllRiseXiahtic


One thought on “To those that think that WGM is scripted…

  1. I don’t think WGM is scripted – they are given miissions and it is up to them to work the mission out. In Season 1, they show how PD gives missions to couples. The only mission I saw on this couple is for LT to meet his wife for the first time. Other than that, I’ve never seen any envelope handed to either of them. All their events were planned by them – and of course, with the approval of the PD. The school event, I believe, must have been planned by Sora alone, knowing they won’t see each other for weeks – and she did a lot of planning there. The concert event was planned by LT with approval from his management and WGM – but I think the ring event was planned by him alone. The one event I liked so much is the one planned by Sora with the brothers – which LT was so unaware of.

    Now talking about missions, now I think the blind date is a mission. But whatever they did at that mission is still definitely not scripted.


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