Wookie speaks up!

… to complain over why SungMin’s following Sora but not him!

@imSMl 드뎌 시작이구만 ^^ 환영입니다 짝짝짝 팔로우하셩~~>< 소라씨는 했는데 난 왜~안해 ~!!!!! 버럭ㅋㅋ*

Translation : I see you finally started ^^ Welcome~ jjakjjakjjak Please follow me~~~ >< You followed Sora-ssi but WHY~ not me~!!!!! Raging~

Maybe coz she’s Number 5 sister-in-law?

RyeoWook ah, just give up and go sign up for a position with Fighting Junior already. You can be 6-wook doryeonim. ^^

* Translated by: Allrisexiahtic



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