The ‘ShimShimTaPa’ Call

Since it is ‘dry season’ now, I figured that I would take the chance to work backwards and cover those things that I always wanted to talk about but could not coz I was either busy or away, and one of those things was this, Sora’s call into ‘ShimShimTaPa’.

Hours after this call came about, I had to go catch a flight to Okinawa so I watched a recording of the broadcast sans subs while enroute to the airport in a cab. Even without subs on a tiny screen, the happiness that Teukie radiated was simply blinding. Actually, ‘happy’ does not even begin to describe the feeling that he was reflecting on his face. ‘Ecstatic’ probably comes a lot closer. But yes, Park seobang was a VEEEEEERY happy camper that night!

As far as I know, the English subbed version of this clip has been removed from YouTube so I figured that since I have the time now, I will just do a quick transcript off the Chinese subbed version for posterity’s sake since not everyone can read/understand Chinese. I timed this against a raw file of the full SSTP broadcast for reference just so that if anyone wants to, he/she can pinpoint where these bits came about.

Couple of disclaimers:

I am translating off a translation so there will be gaps here and there because of the gaps in the translation which I am using. I tried filling them in where I could but as I have said several times before, my Korean listening comprehension is not the best on the planet and to make things worse, the audio of the broadcast recording that I had was not really the clearest either, so I would put this at about 80% complete. If I get anything better, I will tweak it to improve it when I can.

I am not familiar with how either SanE or JiSoo sound like hence where either of them did say anything, I just labelled them together since most of the time they reacted together anyway. But given that the camera was not always focussed on the people talking, the labelling might be a bit off as well (see: 80% disclaimer above).

Starting from 1:03:13

SD : The husband on-air is definitely charismatic.
LT : Sora-sshi should be here…
SD : Oh! Great! That’s a great idea!
LT : Really?
SD : Call her! Call her now and ask her to come! If you call her, she will come.
LT : Not now. She has to get up early tomorrow.
SD : Doesn’t Sora-sshi live nearby?
LT : No, she does not live nearby… Ahh… This won’t do…
SD : Then can I call her?
LT : Call her? She’s probably tuned in now. If she can call in, I can try getting her to call in.
SD : Ah ok, alright alright…

*ShinDong proceeds with continuing with the programme while Teukie busies himself with his mobile*

Starting from 1:08:28

SD : Hold on everybody!! Hold everything!!
SE/JS : What’s going on??
SD : Hold on hold on!! Right, LeeTeuk-sshi, try saying ‘hello’.
LT : Ah~ I’m nervous…
SE/JS : What?? Really?! You’re joking!!
LT : Hello?
SR : Hello~
All : AHHHHH~!!!! It’s real!!
EH/DH : Number 5~ hyungsu-nim!!
SR : Hello!
SD : This is ShinDong’s ShimShimTaPa! Kang Sora-sshi!
SR : Ah, hello!
All : Ohhhhhh~!!!!
SD : We’re now hearing you ‘live’ over the radio! You are still up?
SR : I was at my cousin’s birthday party…
SD : Yes yes yes…
SR : … and am on my way home now.
All : Ahhhh~
SR : So LeeTeuk-sshi got in touch with you and you called in to our programme yes?
SR : Yes…
SD : LeeTeuk-sshi actually mentioned something earlier. He said that you might be tuned into our programme…
SR: Yes…
SD : Were you really tuned in while on your way?
SR : Yes, I was tuned in…
SE/JS : Huwaah~ Unbelievable…
SD : Then did you know that LeeTeuk-sshi can make joomukbap? (Rice balls)
SR : I’d never heard of it.
Guest : Ahh, so now you know!
EH : That’s everything of him really.
SR : *laughs*
EH : If you’ve not even heard of that, then what has he been telling you?
SD : At the start of the programme we were talking about our DongHae-sshi and EunHyuk-sshi’s new release, ‘Ddeotda Oppa’ in a special corner. Have you heard the song yet?
SR : I heard it at the concert..
SD : Ahh~ That’s right that’s right…
SD : So what did you think about it?
SR : The lyrics are very catchy. (She used the phrase ‘jjuk jjuk’ in her description)
SD : Ohh! ‘Jjuk jjuk’! That’s something that our LeeTeuk-sshi says very often!
EH  : She’s picked it up already!
SR : *laughs*
SD : That’s good… And talking about the concert, there is something that I wanted to say.
SR : Yes?
SD : I heard that you got a ring!
All : AHHH!!

*Hae smacks the table. Aii, Hae ah, the jealousy, how unbecoming! =P*

SD : I heard that during the concert, LeeTeuk-sshi got off the wire, went up to you and after he finished singing… It was my turn after that! But I waited so long!
SE/JS : You ate quite a bit into his time…
SD : And that was when Sora-sshi, you got your ring proposal.
SD: So could you share with us as to your feelings over this?
SR : I was really very very surprised then…
SR : Now I am very very thankful for it…
SR : The ring is a bit big so I am worried that if I wore it I might lose it, so I have strung it onto a necklace instead.
SE/JS : This is so romantic! What are we to do??
SR : Yes?


SD : DongHae-sshi, what are you doing?? If you called her, you should say something.
DH : But I was just calling her like “Number 5~ hyungsu-nim!”.
SD : Ahh, so it was an exclamation…

*I say again: DongHae ah, your jealousy is SOOOO unbecoming!!*

SD : Now our LeeTeuk-sshi’s face has gone totally red.
LT : Yes…
SE/JS : Ahh, his face is really really red!
SD : Right! So now we will give the both of you a little time to yourselves.
SD : LeeTeuk-sshi and Sora-sshi’s telephone conversation. Let’s hear what they have to say.

*some background grumbling from DongHae here*

SE/JS: What will they talk about?
LT : Sora-sshi?
SR : Ah yes?
LT : Thank you. I didn’t think that the call would get through…
SR : But why? Of course it had to.

*vague sounds of someone (I think HyukJae) dying from sugar overdose in the background*

SE/JS : Ohh! She said “of course”!
LT : Ahh… suddenly… my voice has…
LT : In that case, let me just call you this once by your pet-name in public…
All : OHHHH~!!
LT : My Baby Princess…

*SD/SE/JS all die collectively. Hyuk looks stoic. Hae looks resigned.*

LT : You will be very tired and busy because with the filming of the drama, but I hope that you will bear with it. I will be rooting for you.
SR : I should be the one that should be taking more care of you…
SE/JS: Oh my goodness…
DH : Excuse me!… Excuse me!
DH : But isn’t it supposed to be our special today?
SE/JS : But we want to continue listening…
SD : Your special has already ended. Your corner is already over.
SE/JS : I’m sorry…

*Hyuk says something, Hae’s grumbling and I repeat myself over Hae’s jealousy being unbecoming*

SD : Right so Sora-sshi, do you want to answer LeeTeuk-sshi’s call with your own?
SR : Oppa~

*Teukie lets out an excited yelp and immediately self combusts*

EH : *sings* Oppa oppa~
SD : Now the one next to me has cheekbones that about to explode. What’s going on here now?
LT : Why am I feeling so warm?

*Hyuk makes some comment (probably some Hyuk-style snarky remark to poke fun at how ‘fanboy’ Teukie was being) and Teukie collapses onto the table*

SD : Sora-sshi, thank you very much. Please hurry home since you have to work tomorrow. Thank you for supporting ‘ShimShimTaPa’ and we will continue to watch ‘We Got Married’ as well. Lastly, there are actually some people here whom we have yet to say hello to. SanE-sshi and Dalamatian’s JiSoo-sshi are here.
SR : Hello!
SE/JS : Hello!
JS : I’m a fan of yours!
SD : Very good, since Sora-sshi has nothing else to say we will just end it here! Joking! Thank you so much for calling! Thanks again!
SR : Thank you!
LT : Thank you!
All : Thank you!

Given that this happened way before Sora’s press conference for ‘Dream High 2’, it can safely be said that we already knew since 22 December 2011, that TeukSora do communicate outside of WGM. So it really should not have been such a big surprise when Sora said what she said at the press conference that she and Teukie text each other. I, for one, am quite satisfied with them just texting each other because texting is still communicating and if Teukie texts her the way he tweeted her, which I strongly suspect might be the case… oh my…

But really. The cutest part out of the whole thing for me was Teukie’s yelp. It was hilarious!! It was so spontaneous a reaction that when the sound came out, he clamped a hand over his mouth to stop it. And his face! You could literally see his blood gushing up to fill it! He was SO RED!!!

Park JungSu ah… The crush that you have on this girl is so painfully obvious that sometimes I do admittedly get a little embarrassed for you. Please make even better use of the time that you have with her and make everything count. Invest for your stomach’s future! Teach her how to make joomukbap and don’t forget to take your time while teaching! ^^


5 thoughts on “The ‘ShimShimTaPa’ Call

  1. I watched this again – guess I got too much spare time this time – the background music playing while they were talking was Kiss The Rain.

  2. I think I keep forgetting something I noticed in this phone conversation. When LT told SR he’ll be supporting her in her upcoming drama, SR responded by saying “:I should be the one taking care of you”. Now my delusional mind starts kicking – are they filming an episode of WGM or they are in a casual ‘hello how are you’ outside of WGM? These two are confusing me.

  3. Thank you for posting the translation. When this first came out, someone had posted that LeeTeuk had that smirk on his face when Sora called in – like he didn’t care. Once again, there are people who are poor in observing and analyzing.

    BTW, did you notice the background music while LT and SR were talking? Wasn’t that the piano piece that Sora played when they were at the school? The one LT requested for her to play. I think it is the theme from Love Letter.

    • Aii. I pin the blame for this on different people interpreting expressions differently! And no, I wasn’t paying attention to the background music coz I was concentrated on the dialogue. >_<''' Will take note the next time I watch the show again. ^^


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