Episode Notes : 111008

Thanks to the MBC strike and the drought of new WGM episodes, there is a bit of time for me to go back and catch up on writing on older TeukSora episodes that I did not get to write about. I initially thought of working backwards but I figured that since I have the time, that I might as well work from the very first episode since I would be rewatching everything all over again anyway. So here is the first of the result of that ‘working backwards’ that I am doing. With any luck, I will get derailed from doing this very soon when the strike is over but till then, I shall endeavor to catch up as much as I can.

Think a lot of fans died at the moment of the announcement because of the way it was made. I fancy a lot of them thought that Teukie was REALLY getting married! But I really like how he told fans that he was joining WGM together with the rest of his brothers. Tis like sharing news with family~!! ♥

Teukie can’t read his own wedding invitation so Hae does the honor instead. This was -THE- best line in the entire wedding invitation for me: “…슈퍼주니어 이특이 아닌 ‘한 여자의 남자’ 로…”, especially the phrase ‘한 여자의 남자’. “One woman’s man”. That TOTALLY killed everyone! The way Wookie and Hae were snickering when Teukie said that he and his wife will do their best to show everyone a blissful married life… Aigoo!! =P

IMO, the only reason as to why MBC had Teukie going round distributing wedding invitations was to capitalize on his connections as a famous idol emcee and secure excuses for them to air cameos of popular celebrities. Just look at big the WGM label on the paper bag that Teukie was carrying round with him! He’s a walking signboard for them!

Narsha and Eun JiWon were the only two truly ‘useful’ cameos. The way Narsha was throwing the invitation on the floor in mock pique was hilarious!! That and “Don’t host!”. She obviously knows how Teukie can be. And Eun JiWon! “The gates of hell are wide open for you!” LOL!! So typical!!

One of the pieces of advice that Eun JiWon dished to Teukie was to sew up his mouth and not talk even if it was for the show, only to be told “But I love talking!” Oh the irony! See what happened to you when Sora showed up, Mr “But I love talking”? Hmm?

Even though a lot of the things that Eun JiWon said were in jest, I think that the advice that he gave Teukie was some of the soundest. “Listen fully to what she has to say…”, “to lose is to win…”, “show your calm and manly side every now and then…” Looking back, Teukie has been doing all three very well.

I have to say though that even though the whole invitation distribution was so obviously engineered by MBC, it was good on hindsight that they did that coz we got to see ‘normal’ LeeTeuk versus ‘Sora-fied’ LeeTeuk. The contrast was stark!

It was kinda cute seeing Teukie almost going through the emergency exit instead and his nervousness in the back room interview was quite endearing. From what I understand, these interviews are usually conducted after filming so if Teukie was still trembling then, doing the shoulder dusting to get rid of nerves, one can only imagine how much worse it must have been during the whole first meeting.

Helloooo Fighting Junior! You were not officially named then but still. Helloooo Fighting Junior, again!! ^o^

The introductory video montage that MBC put together was so obviously for show. Like Narsha mentioned, Teukie’s wife would not be an established big name actress and rightly so since these big names would not have the time nor need for WGM. The brothers’ reaction to Kim TaeHee and Song HyeKyo were hilarious though! “If anything it would be the horse!” “If it’s Song HyeKyo, I’m going home.” LOL!!

If the editing was done accurately and Teukie’s expression was correctly matched with the actress whose snippet was being shown on the montage, it is quite obvious that he already knew that those in front were just decoys and that the extended ‘Sunny’ footage at the back was the one that he should be taking note of coz… Okay, this is going to sound a bit strange, but he was watching the entire portion of the video with his mouth slightly open. There was also a certain intensity to the movement of his eyes and an obvious lack of the smile which was present through the other clips. He was taking more notice then than anytime else throughout the montage. His entire body language was just different.

So obvious from the brothers’  lukewarm reactions when they finally found out that Sora was the one marrying their hyung that they were not too enthusiastic about it. Pfft! You boys obviously never really looked at Sora before this eh? But then again, when I first watched the episode, I did not find Sora particularly pretty either. To me, her looks are more of the kind that grows on you the longer you look at her. But I guess for the SuJu boys (including Teukie), because the image that they have of her is that of ChunHwa in ‘Sunny’, the impact that she made when she showed up looking very feminine in a dress that showed her off very well, was a lot bigger. Which I think is partly the reason as to why Teukie kept staring at Sora too coz his already overloaded brain could not get round the fact that ‘ChunHwa’ looks like that in dress and heels with her hair up. =P

Teukie’s reaction to Sora’s appearance was the best! He was initially standing to greet her coz it is the polite thing to do, but when she appeared, he collapsed back into the chair and just ended up sitting down almost all the way through with his gochujang face! Twas like his legs had jellied and could not hold him up for more than two seconds a stretch! ROFL!!

The collective grumbling by EVERYBODY over Teukie sitting while Sora continued to stand was hilarious!!! But could really tell that Teukie was totally NOT with it anymore. He was just all over the place and saying the first things that came to mind. Even his brothers were getting frustrated with him! LOL!!

SungMin ah, that your Teukie hyung managed to stay standing while your hyungsu-nim was making her way to him was already quite a feat. Don’t expect him to go escort her up the stairs and to the seat k? He will end up rolling down the stairs instead.

Teukie just LOOKS and STARES then collapses back into his seat, then says something lame before he LOOKS and STARES again then collapses back into his seat again… *loop to infinity*. Other than Sora obviously being a lot prettier than expected, I think he was also struggling to absorb that the girl sitting next to him was now his wife. LOL!!

Come to think of it, Sora could always talk with Teukie. Even with how awkward their first meeting was, she was already responding very well to all that he said and could even joke with him over removing the high-heeled shoes that she was wearing. Communicating was never an issue even from the start.

To be honest, I would have really loved for her to have continued calling him ‘JungSu-sshi’. =P

The good thing about haphazard Teukie is that the really sweet things coming out of his mouth were truly sincere. Things like wanting to go on outings to crowded places so that everyone will know that they are married. It unfortunately also means that he truly thought better of Min HyoRin’s character in ‘Sunny’ over Sora’s. Eeps! HyukJae’s right. You HAVE lost your mind so continue holding onto that fluffed up face Teukie coz you need to stop talking right there!

EunHae’s chemistry is awesome! “You should do it with us!” coming out of their mouths at the same time! ^o^

Teukie actually looks more comfortable after his brothers appeared. He was adorably shy doing his leader routine in front of Sora and even excused himself first, but he definitely looked more at ease after they showed up. And while I agree with the MCs in the studio that it is a bit strange performing ‘Sorry Sorry’ to someone that you have just met, I also think that the stanza that they danced to fit Teukie to a T then, what with lyrics about blinded eyes, stifled breathes and (for sure!) going crazy. =P


2 thoughts on “Episode Notes : 111008

  1. As always, whatever you write is worth every minute of the time I spend reading it!

    I love your comment about SungMin’s comment on Teuk escorting her up the seats – that it is not necessary ‘coz with how nervous Teuk was, he would definitely roll down the stairs.

    I had the same thoughts about Teukkie’s reaction after learning it was actually Sora – even tho’ he had an inkling it might be her since there were a lot of names presented to the candidates (he even searched info about her on the net). Yeah,I guess he wasn’t that enthused at first but his reaction while she was climbing the last step was priceless – you can hear him gasp – and yes, he kept collapsing on his seat. The fact that he kept on stealing glances at her proves, he didn’t realize the Kang Sora is that pretty outside of that character she played. I think DH made a good comment about Sora after she showed up; that was when Hyuk mentioned (was it him?) that she looked different in the movie. But, their lips were sealed when they came face to face with their hyungsu-nim – and they all agreed she is a beauty.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!!


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