So JinWoon got there first

See Teukie? This is what happens when you waste time pretending to be polite and considerate when all you really want to do is pounce and hoover up her face. I sincerely hope that your laptop, iPad and television are all still intact. Then again, they probably are still in danger all through tomorrow till after the gossip columns across all media forms have had their field day. It is, after all, only two days after your ambitions towards progress with Sora were laid bare for all the world to see.

Actually, we all knew it after watching how the both of you bed-shop but that is another story for another day…

Next time, talk less act more! Put that mouth of yours to other better uses instead of digging graves for yourself, you frustrating man!!


5 thoughts on “So JinWoon got there first

  1. His cameo might make HS finally see the light – fall in love with the DJ LeeTeuk!!! That would be funny!!!

  2. Hehehe! I think he probably already got his bobo from Sora. Last episode was filmed at the beginning of Genuary, and Sora pratically gave him her permission to kiss… “that’s all he needed to know”. Seeing how he was eager, don’t you think he already might have gone there? Well LOL, of course seeing this kiss will not be a plesant thing for him anyway^^ poor ipad/television, lol!
    (sorry for my bad english)

    • I agree!! That FT episode was filmed long time ago while DH2 was just recent. DC have been so comfortable in the last episode (conversations, how they overwhelmingly fall on each other when surprised by the results of the cards). They can even openly discussed ‘desires’ on kissing! And Kang Sora was the biggest surprise to me – she admitted wanting to kiss also! And yes, LT-sshi – don’t give SR notice – just do it – she won’t mind if it is a surprise!!
      Or – maybe you have already done it – considering you both have been quiet on the twitter.

      • LOL! You girls are so cute! XD I know that they filmed this way before DH2 but don’t you girls think that he deserves to be poked fun at? =P

        Anyway, five more episodes to go. His cameo, if it happens like they said it would, will be happening soon! Woohoo!!

        • Oh absolutly!! You are totally right: he DESERVES to be poked fun at! especially since he is so frustrating sometimes! Here he should have kissed her, I believe Sora was even ready in the bed scene at the shop, when she smiled to him… and even in the last episode, when she wa blowing bubbles… her pointing at her lips was such an opening! Why Teukie? Why??! He deserve all the jealousy he can get from Sora’s acting in DH2 (lol, now I’m being very bad^^)… well, hope he’ll show something soon… Teukie, BE A MAN! XD


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