Episode Notes : 120303

aka The “OMG!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!!!” episode.

I had a small window of time before meeting my friends for B2ST’s ‘Beautiful Show’ here last weekend and that was ALL that I said ALL through the bits that I managed to catch. >_<”’

Anyway, on with the episode!

Don’t know about you, but the word ‘춥다’ coming out from Teukie’s mouth will NEVER look nor sound the same again. Never. Ever.

I absolutely love that the two of them walk around with their hands in his pocket even without the couple mittens! And I think it is quite interesting that Teukie’s thinking of the future while welcoming the landmark 100 days with Sora. ^^ Wonder what Siwon will say about it though. I fancy that he will start preaching again. Keke! =P

It’s the fortune teller from ‘Band of Brothers’ with Heenim and Kangin!! He’s upgraded his office! But I still don’t know who he is. Maybe I should find out and go pay him a visit when I’m there next month. =P

Sora’s very amused when the fortune teller says that Teukie’s got the aura of a prince coz that’s what her first pet-name in response to ‘Baby Princess’ was! Actually I burst out laughing as well! And I really must say this again that I absolutely LOVE how enthusiastic she is when it comes to him! All the fortune teller did was give an example of how to treat Teukie well by telling him that he’s the best and IMMEDIATELY Sora does it without hesitation, thumbs up and all!

“If you treat him well, he will be willing to even lay his life down for you”. Sounds familiar eh Leader-nim?

Teukie’s so focussed watching Sora pick her cards, hunched over towards the table and all. You REALLY want to know if you’re the one don’t you??

When the fortune teller said that Sora started out the relationship in a blur without much idea as to what was going on, the first thought that came to mind was, isn’t this what WGM is like? You’re supposed to jump in with both feet without knowing who or what to expect. =P But woohoo!! The people round here are supportive and think well of it! YAY!!! ^o^ *coughParkSoracough*

From what I read of the folktale, Princess PyeongGang was a strong-willed woman who helped her husband OnDal (the village idiot) become an outstanding general. This was why the fortune teller used the Princess as an illustration for Sora coz according to the cards, she is of the same mettle and will support her husband through everything bringing him success. Which was also why he was telling Teukie to grab a good hold on Sora coz she’s good for her husband. On behalf of the TeukSora fan-base, I thank you for the encouragement Mr Fortune Teller!! ^o^ Maybe I will make extra effort to go visit you after all though I have no idea as to what you are going to tell me coz I’m positive that you don’t speak any of the languages that I do! =P

Aigoo! Look at how our Park JungSu is smiling when he hears that he’s a ‘pass’ to Sora while every other male falls under the ‘child’ or ‘ younger brother’ type of category!

Looking at the cut-paste editing, am thinking that the correct order should be that the fortune teller finished with Sora’s fortune, told Teukie that it was his turn next and then while shuffling the cards for Teukie asked Sora how old she was. Anyway, no matter. Just saying tis all. Not important. ^^

ROFL!! The family and pregnancy card were real killers!! But this, I must say, is not far from the truth coz he really has been having thoughts about getting married and starting a family so really. Not far off the mark at all! It’s just that in the current situation, it is REALLY HILARIOUS!!! OMG!!! ROFL!!!

During Teukie’s tarot card reading, when the fortune teller said that Teukie’s the type that is unable to be unfaithful, the fortune teller’s laptop was out and he was making notes. Think this bit was another part of the fortune telling that TeukSora that had nothing to do with the tarot card reading. But no matter! Most important thing is that Sora’s criteria of her man not having the roving eye is met! But I TOTALLY love how this fortune teller says it! “Once you’ve kissed him, you can go get married straight away!”

One thing I must say though while watching this bit was that it made me think back of some of the few varieties that I have watched with Teukie on, the stories that I have heard and read about him and the few things that I know about him. It made me think that even though it was said so hilariously, what the fortune teller said is true. It is a bit hard to explain my thoughts at this, but to cut it right down to the crux, I think this has everything to do with Teukie’s sense of loyalty, which, to my understanding, is VERY strong. One of the reasons as to why he is so loved is because of his overwhelming sense of loyalty and being someone like that, it is not hard to imagine him being faithful to his chosen partner from start till the very end. This also ties back to the earlier, more casual reading which the fortune teller did based on sight alone, where the fortune teller said that if Sora treats Teukie well, Teukie will be willing to lay his life down for her. Same reasoning. It is precisely because of this strong sense of loyalty that he will do ANYTHING for the people that he loves and cherishes, even if it means dying for them.

The physical and psychological fatigue bit is true too! Look at all the mopey Teuk tweets!! But whilst that is a serious concern (honestly, I do think that it is a serious matter that he’s in mopey mode so often), that, at this particular point in time, is not half as important as the look Sora has on her face. Look how stern and serious she looks when she hears that her hubby is suffering from fatigue!! Teukie can laugh at hearing that he should not just enjoy married life and take more tonic instead but Sora on the other hand. I think she totally missed the cheeky tease that the fortune teller directed at them just registered the tonic bit. I can already see the cogs and wheels in her head churning while she thinks of the ways in which she can help. Samgyetang?? =P

Who else screamed when they collapsed towards each other at seeing the family card again?? “Looks like you’re really in love”. GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ^o^

“Why’s it coming out twice?” “The kids are coming again” ROFL!!! The both of you will be the absolute death of me!! ROFL!!!

Personally, I find it interesting that Sora’s cards for 2012 were all career-centric whilst Teukie’s was more family-centric. Trust Teukie to ask if he really gets married this year, that it will be good for him. Might you be having it in some part at the back of your head to heed the fortune teller’s advice to grabbing hold of Sora some thought? =P

O.O PARK JUNGSU!!! Tell me you are NOT thinking of going for a shotgun wedding!! YA!! Just look at what you’re doing to Sora with that insinuation, you NAUGHTY, CHEEKY MAN!!!

Teukie’s whole head is filled with the ambition of having twins hence after multiplication with the number of times the family card appeared, that makes four kids! But this card reading is the only one that applies to 2012 right? Coz getting pregnant twice within a year is going to be pretty ambitious given that it is March in real-time now and still no news. Working on such a deadline,”Sora-sshi, fighting!” is correct.

Wait. Hold on. WHY am I even entertaining that line of thought??? *clear head!! clear head!!!* ARGH!!!

Even Misun unnie says that with the double appearance of the card, it is going to be very accurate. Aii… Park JungSu… >_<”’

See?? The laptop and paper is out as TeukSora are leaving! I think they did both the name, date and place of birth fortune-telling (coz that was the equipment that this dude used during ‘Band of Brothers’) as well as the tarot card reading.

As expected! Dinner talk revolved around the tarot card reading! It was hilarious that Sora played along with the “we should be more careful” talk and even offered up the “even when interlinking hands we have to be careful” but couldn’t take it anymore when Teukie asked if she was okay. WHO would be able to keep a straight face that that?!? ROFL!!!

I KNEW that he was going to bring up Min getting kissed during the group date! I KNEW IT!! He wouldn’t be able to resist it, especially when Min asked him outright then if he wasn’t jealous!! I KNEW IT!!! But best thing was, Sora knew what he wanted to talk about when he started talking about it. She just didn’t expect the really ‘creative’ way in which he went round about getting to it!! LOL!!

Teukie knew that what he was going to say was going to be awkward hence he avoided eye contact till the very last minute after the main point was out of his mouth. Look at how industriously he was working at twirling the pasta!! SNEAKY TEUK!!!

NaYoung-sshi… Was kissing ever out of fashion?? -_-

Despite the ridiculous question, I like how sincerely Sora answers it. It truly is a stupid question but I really love how earnestly she treats it. How’s one to not like her??

One other thing that I love about TeukSora is that they are really truly VERY HONEST with each other. “But the urge to kiss always arises. I get it constantly.” OMG!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!! *dies from secondhand embarrassment*

SEE!! The avoidance of eye contact!! Park JungSu! You KNOW you’re being ridiculous yes?? And your vision moved sideways to take a glance at the crew! So you know how strange a question it is to ask your wife about in front of other people??

“Shall we do it now?” OMG!!! PARK JUNGSU!!! *dies a little more from secondhand embarrassment*

LOL!! Even the studio thinks that he is all fired up because of the fortune telling! ROFL!!! But OMG!!! Park JungSu!! Tell me that you are NOT working on the two-pregnancies-a-year schedule!! >_<”’

Park JungSu, just be honest and admit that you want to kiss Sora which is why you are asking in the first place. Why do you even bother wasting time saying “I’m just curious which is why I’m asking”. You are NOT curious! You are bordering on desperate! You are being painfully OBVIOUS!! Stop trying to mask it! *kicks in frustration!*

But Sora’s a truly good woman. Just look at how earnestly she answers his queries trying to satisfy his fake curiosity even though it is awkward and embarrassing. AH!! Park JungSu!! Looking at the crew again!!

“So you have yet to have that sort of a feeling with me…” Just LOOK at that SMILE on your face while you’re saying this!! SNEAKY MOVE!!! You CUNNING MAN!! You’re LEADING her to tell you how she feels about you!! Very clever yes, BUT VERY SNEAKY!!! But Sora’s response to Teukie actually supports what the fortune teller said about about how she actually views Teukie as being a man. But ohhh!! SO SNEAKY!!!!

Okay. This… I really don’t know what to say anymore now. OMG!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!!!! *dies even MORE!!* Seriously… OMG!!!!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!!!!!!! >_<”’

The soundness of Sora’s reasoning aside, I think that THE MOST important bit about her back room interview was her saying it right out that she already had the intention of kissing Teukie even if he had not brought the topic up! The collective gasps in reaction to her honest statement was very telling… OMG!!!!!!!!!!! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I LOVE KANG SORA!!!!!!

Aii… Banmal… Another ‘dig own grave’ mission by Park JungSu, save that this is a different kind of grave. You know that it is hard for you, but you still want it. And what happens? You clam up! Coz you cannot do it! *facepalms!!* But oh, here? Here I think he got fed! Aii! Dear editing room people/person, I know that you are having a hard time now but please don’t cut such things! T_T

Teuk ah. Even the deaf and blind could tell that you had an ulterior motive for proposing punishment for the use of jeondaemal. Same with your so-called punishment for not doing the V mission. But let me just say something here about these grand schemes of yours: YOU FAIL HORRIBLY IN THEM!! The V mission would have let you hold her hand yes, but look at how miserable your performance of it was as compared to hers?? You narrowly escaped Batman k!! BATMAN!! And now you want to bank on switching to banmal! Aii… Teukie ah, I adore you to bits BUT really. I can already smell the failure coming…

And wait. One more thing. CAN YOU STOP BEING SO DESPERATE??? OMG!!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!!!!! *dying even MORE of secondhand embarrassment!!!*

See??? What did I tell you??? FAIL!!!! And unfortunately your wife is the sharp sort that won’t let you off as easily as other people will! She’s already giving you looks coz you’re suddenly so quiet!! ROFL!!

AHH!! SEE??? What did I tell you???? FAIL!!! AGAIN!!! MAJORLY!!!!! And yes, continue trying to talk and worm your way out of it! Park JungSu… How many times have I told you already, STOP TALKING!! The hole just gets BIGGER and DEEPER!!

You know what is another thing makes Kang Sora so awesome? She just leaves him to talk but does not let him get away with it. Park JungSu has TRULY met his match!! He cannot talk his way out with her!!

I like way she calls him out on why he was asking her what he asked coz to me it shows that they are close enough for her to do that but ohhh!! Trust Teukie to sneak another bomb in out of the blue!!! But Sora not only blocks! She throws back all the silly things that he’s been throwing at her over dinner to make him own up to being sneaky!! WAHAHAHA!! See Teukie!! I told you about the talking didn’t I?? Sora remembers everything!!! ROFL!!!

I must give him points for determination. Even at the end when it looks like he has given up, he still fires a last ditch attempt. “Is it because you don’t want to?” =P

That said… OMG!!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!!!! *can no longer die from secondhand embarrassment hence trying to find a hole to hide in*

But he’s REALLY DETERMINED to get an answer out of her. REALLY. TRULY. DETERMINED. And it was hilarious the way in which he was spilling his guts explaining his earlier actions just to get her to come clean and he made her SO EMBARASSED!!! ROFL!!!

LT : You don’t want to do it?
SR : *shakes head*
LT : You want to do it?
SR : *nods nods*
LT : That’s fine then. *insert ‘cat that TOTALLY got the mouse’ look on face*


On hindsight, there are two possibilities for the quick looks at the crew. First, it might be indicative of a Plan B. The ‘if she does not answer me, I will have to ask them to really excuse us for a bit’ Plan B. Either that or it is the ‘conscious of people present’ glance coz let’s face it. The topic is a rather ‘high level’ one which is actually very personal that people normally do NOT discuss in front of others but rather, privately between themselves. And I think Sora was very conscious of it too coz other than stating outright that they were in the middle of filming, the tone which she used throughout the whole conversation was somewhat lower than usual.

OMG!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!!!!! *goes find another hole to crawl in coz secondhand embarrassment just hit again*



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