Episode Notes : 120310

Teukie’s such a child!! ROFL!! But I would have been happier if he had hugged her from the back instead of patting her arm. Hee! =P

Think they have yet to see how the house looks like since all the furniture went in. They look REALLY happy!! But what makes me happiest is that they DO have a piano in the house!! YAY!!

Sora’s brought lots of things with her for the house! A heart-hug cushion, similar to the ones that they sell in Ikea and a pair of plush bear hand puppets that fans gave. Sora Bear and Teukie Bear!!

She’s also brought a recipe book. It is a quite a big book! They’re flipping through it and he’s telling her what he wants from it. She says that she will try her best. Sora-sshi! Fighting!!! p(^^)q

ROFL!! The hanky that Min used during the Seoul concert! She apparently hasn’t washed it as yet! She’s kept the wedding invitation that he gave her too. And their couple mic!! As expected when that makes an appearance, the two of them start blowing bubbles. She remembers that Teukie likes it when she is blowing bubbles! Think she also remember what Misun unnie told her to do, i.e. blow bubbles for her hubby when they’re at home.

Sora’s VERY comfortable calling Teukie ‘oppa’ now. Her sentences are peppered with them when she’s talking to him!

Teukie brought something with him too! A plant! It looks like a money plant to me…

I didn’t catch where those came from but Sora also brought with her a pair of Red Indian figurines that are both holding children. It’s supposed to help with the twins or something… ^^

OMG!! These two on the bed again!! ROFL!! I am almost positive that they are recalling what happened the last time both of them were on a bed together! Quite funny watching them decide who gets which side of the bed and then switching and then resting for a bit before Teukie hurries off. I am POSITIVE that he recalled and was thinking along the same lines again which was why he retreated so fast!! Sora just laughed! ROFL!!

Time for breakfast! Sora wants to do toast and a fruit salad. Teukie wants to help but she wants to try doing it on her own and shoos him off to go sit on the sofa first. Sora’s breakfast attempt doesn’t seem to be going quite well though. She cannot get the stove going and Teukie, keeps watching from where he is seated. Can tell from his posture that he is all ready to step in when needed!

LOL!! See! Finally couldn’t take it and came wanting to help coz Sora really CANNOT get the stove started! ROFL!! He gets shooed away again though. Keke! =P

Hae’s called and he’s talking to Hae but wants to go help her but she stops him literally by standing there with arms outstretched! ROFL! Funny girl Kang Sora! So CUTE!!!

Ohh!! She’s got the stove on!! The eggs are frying very nicely!

The way Sora attended to the phone when Teukie passed it to her so that she could say hi to Hae reminds me of the time when Alex video-called ShinAe and she didn’t notice and answered the call in the normal way and Alex spent the first bits of the call looking at her ear! This time round Teukie had to tell her that Hae was on speaker so she didn’t have to hold the phone! Hee! =P

Ohh!! Hae’s coming over!!! And now that Teukie’s off the phone he’s next to Sora watching her prepare breakfast.

Oops! He saw the leftover of the broken egg in the carton! Yikes!! >_<

Teukie’s really very worried whenever she cooks. It’s kind of hilarious actually. His eyes go all hawk-like and alert and his body language screams of ‘Standby for action!’. =P

She’s making toast in the pan and not the toaster. Sora ah, your butter is going to burn together with the bread!!

Oh no!! The bread is burning!!! SORA!! Your bread is burning!!! Don’t pare the apple while leaving your bread in the pan like that! OMG!! SMOKE!! LOTS OF SMOKE!! ARGH!! SORA AH!!!! YOUR BREAD!!! YOUR BREAD!!! SMOKE!!! SORA!!!!

SEE!!! Told u the bread’s burning!! All the SMOKE!! ROFL!!

Awww!! Okay. Know what? She can continue destroying meals if each time it is going to lead to him reaching round her from the front to take over the apron. SO SWEET!!

Er… Teukie ah. The bread cannot be saved k? Don’t look at it. Please just throw it out? >_<

Correct!! This is the way to do it! Slice by slice especially since your pan is only that big! Okay. At least ONE of them knows what to do so not too bad! They will survive! He’s even showing her how to the the top off strawberries! Even the MCs think that they are watching some cooking show! But Sora’s REALLY IMPRESSED with how capable her hubby is! Woohoo!!

Milk in wine glass! I think they need to go buy more things for the house. =P

Hae’s here!!! Ohh! I REALLY like the gift Hae gave!! What was it about the members that he said?? Have to rematch this later…

They are going down the Dimple House Rules, which have since undergone a slight makeover, i.e. now typed out neatly, color printed and framed. The men obviously have the same line of thought where the bathroom is concerned. -_-

ROFL!! “No touch! No touch!!” Even a brother is not allowed to touch his wife’s hand even if it is to shake and got shooed off! This is EXACT SAME thing that Teukie did when the male MC wanted to go shake all the wives’ hands during the WGM in-studio special and Teukie stood up and stopped it before he got to Sora. LOL!!

Handshake a no-go, Hae next offers to hug Sora and this time Teukie physically cuts in between and hugs his brother instead! ROFL!! Park JungSu!! You’re hilarious!! ROFL!!! OMG!! I’m going to cry now! Ohh!! My tummy!!

You know what is cool? Sora and Teukie both going “NOOOOOOOOO!!” when Hae collapsed onto their bed. ROFL!! Their new bed and its theirs and Hae just flopped back into it! ROFL!!

So it seems that they asked the fortune teller for a reading over Hae and EunSeo!! I’m actually kind of touched at that. TeukSora care about Hae!! The BOTH of them do!!! AHH!! My heart’s so full its about to burst!! AHHH! But now I’m curious as to whether they did the same for all the SuJu members or at least those from Fighting Junior. Now I have even more incentive to go visit that fortune teller next month!

ROFL!! They don’t have slippers in the house for guests so when Teukie climbed into bed, Hae took over his slippers. When Teukie wanted to get off the bed, he made Hae give them back coz they are COUPLE SLIPPERS! ROFL!! The way Hae kicked them off to ‘return’ them was hilarious!!

Feeding in front of Hae and Hae’s all “………… tsk!” over it! ROFL!! Hae tried being cheeky by offering to feed Sora and got the evil eye from Teukie again! ROFL!! And when he asked to be fed by Teukie, he got told off! ROFL!! Lee DongHae! You just HAD to go invade their love nest on your own didn’t you? And you’re THE MOST obviously jealous out of ALL four in Fighting Junior! You’re ASKING to be tortured you silly man!! LOL!!

AH! See?? If you observe and look at Hae’s eyes during the blind date and his eyes again over breakfast, they’re the same! He didn’t sleep again!!

They’re trying to help him conduct decent conversation with EunSeo and Sora’s telling Hae how he should show EunSeo that he cares about her through the way he approaches her through phone. And I didn’t quite catch but did she just say that Teukie’s like that when he calls her?? O.O

So ALL of Fighting Junior helped to open the car doors except Hae! So now they have to do a rehearsal! ROFL!!

OMG! They even have to go through with him as to what to say when IN the car! ROFL!! Lee DongHae! Do you really need that much help?? LOL!!

LOL!! Section TV again?? ROFL!! Even when piling hands to do ‘fighting’ now Hae doesn’t dare put his hand over Sora’s! Think he’s by now fully conscious that he will get whacked if he tries even if it is just to tease! ROFL!

Sora’s bag is always a wonder but more than that, Sora herself, is a wonder. She’s got EVERYTHING ready for Hae! Heat pack for Hae to give EunSeo when she’s cold, snack, water, etc. I ask again, how is one to not like this girl??

They are telling Hae to get the animal headbands so that he can wear them with EunSeo. TeukSora try on a pair and ohh, look at Teukie’s eyes when Sora’s wearing one for him! Hae has “Hello, can the two of you please cut it out?” written all over his face! ROFL!!

TeukSo’s scurrying around the souvenir shop while they shadow HaeSeo reminds me of how Teukie was scurrying around when trying to avoid the camera when visiting Sora on set. =P

I think Production didn’t tell EunSeo who she would be meeting. They just told her that she would be meeting somebody hence her reaction when she saw Hae. But it’s nice that she’s got gloves for the person that she was going to meet.

EunSeo’s first option for animal headband was dog then cat. But Hae et al picked the bunny ones for them. Now TeukSora’s throwing the headbands at them! LOL!!

OHHHHH!!! The way TeukSora huddled together after tossing the headbands!! OOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Don’t know about you, but I am TOTALLY tickled that they are throwing things to help Hae!! The neck pillows were good though. I think they just grabbed at random coz they had to keep close to the floor but it just so happened that they picked a cat one, which Hae passed to EunSeo.

ROFL!!! SORA’S SHOE CAME OFF!! Sora’s shoe!! The situation is hilarious but they cannot full-out laugh coz they will get caught by EunSeo!! Teukie!! OMG!!! Teukie’s backward’s roll after retrieving her shoe!! ROFL!!

LOL!! TeukSora getting into the photo as well! Too bad the camera only caught Sora! But oh my goodness!! How adorable can these two get!! AHHHHHHHH!!

Money!! Lee DongHae! How can you come out without money?? Hae doesn’t have money on him so Sora had to throw him her wallet! ROFL!! Teukie’s scolding him from a distance! “How can you not have money on you?!” It’s quite obvious that the wallet is a feminine one and EunSeo’s trying to get a look to see whose wallet he is using. =P

Pretending to “run into” HaeSeo!! ROFL!! The three of them (even the professional actress Sora) are all so transparent and EunSeo’s speechless. LOL!!

Teukie demonstrating how he and Sora share a pair of gloves and making Hae and EunSeo do the same! “You’re on a date! You must hold hands!” Think HaeSeo shared two pairs of gloves: the pair that EunSeo brought and Hae bought a pair of plush paw gloves for them to share wearing on the hand that they would be holding from the souvenir store. =P

OMG! I cannot wait to rematch this episode, figure out the bits that I missed and NEXT WEEK’S TOO!!!


2 thoughts on “Episode Notes : 120310

  1. TeukSora too much to describe!!!!! Awesome episode!! Too much comfy – snuggling and skinship just came out so naturally!! And OMG!!!! Kang Sora!!! You even start-off a conversation with brother-in-law about twins!! I am beginning to have goose bumps!!!! Are we going to see something good before husband enters the military???

    Thanks for the quick recap!! My computer is down by I’ve watched this episode 4 times already!! Thank God for the gadget called iphone!!


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