Episode Notes : 120310 (Additionals)

Watching Teuk’s attempt at scaring Sora from behind reminds me that sometimes I actually do think that they complement each other so well because one is at the mental age where the other is physically. =P

Ahh! The cactus-wannabe thing behind where the bears went on is not a stand. Tis a coat rack!! I geddit now!

One thing about these two: They both have distinct laughter. When you hear it, you know it is them!

So the recipe book that Sora bought was supposed to be a BASIC book, but going through the first page was challenging for Sora. Aigoo! What’s going to happen to Teukie’s seafood stew? =P But I like that Sora is willing to meet the challenge. She’s cool that way! Melikes!!

It’s really sweet that she kept all these things. See!! My ears were working! The hanky really was not washed! Can never be washed! Awww!!

Ahh! So the plant Teukie brought is to clean the air!

I am REALLY curious where Sora got the ‘many children’ clay figures. =P

So now Teukie’s stressed that the two of them HAVE to produce twins? Teuk ah, that’s a grave that you started digging yourself coz you’re the one that made the twins rule in the first place and it just rolled on from there! ROFL!!

Personally, while I like the big glass windows, I would not live in Dimple House because the windows that can be opened are so tiny!! I love BIG HUGE windows that can be opened ALL the way! That probably explains why my own room is the most dusty in the entire house. Keke! =P

TeukSora have a Hello Kitty toaster!! I want one too!! ^o^

Ahh! So the very first rule of Dimple House is that both must approve of guests coming to their home! Maintenance or rather regulation of private space. Yes, important.

I have been wanting to ask since yesterday: Do they not have a spatula in the house? Why is Sora flipping eggs with a spoon? O.o No matter. Excuse to go shopping them!! ^o^

Honestly, I don’t think the broken eggs were a result of ineptitude in the kitchen on Sora’s part coz personally, I find the plastic egg cartons hard to open. Harder than the cardboard ones coz the closing snaps can be very tight. So yes.

It is very obvious that Teukie really makes her very nervous which is why she is coming up with such bad excuses for her deficiencies. And he doesn’t make it any easier coz he keeps hawking over her, which is both a good and bad thing coz it means that he is concerned, but it does not give her space to do the things that she wants and needs to do. And there is even MORE pressure, on top of the physical one, when he says things like ‘You can see if a person is good in the kitchen through the way he/she handles fruit’. I actually believe that if he left Sora alone, she would be able to do it coz her dosirak came out fine. She just needs to be left alone to deal with things herself and learn from there.

SEE!! Teukie ah! Even the entire studio agrees that you’re hawking over her! Give your wife space and don’t make it seem like you are picking out faults when she is trying to cook! Aii…

I had been wondering when watching the broadcast as why Teuk didn’t have milk in his glass but some pink colored drink instead. Now watching the video again at the part where Sora was made to sit and watch him prepare breakfast instead, there’s a bottle of Vitamin Water on the table. The two of them have a habit of bringing each other drinks but am thinking that since Teukie’s the one drinking it, that maybe this one came from Sora as a sort of follow-up from the fortune teller’s advice over Teukie having to take care of himself.

The things that they cook in this house. Whenever he feeds her the first bite, it comes back out. Was like this with the dukbokki and now it’s the butter/jam toast! ROFL!!

Oh. I REALLY REALLY like the BIG HUGE question mark that they put over the doorbell/intercom! SO CUTE!!! ROFL!!

Ahh! So the screen was from fans but Hae brought it over for them! ^o^

OMG! I missed this when I was watching the broadcast but she called him “Yeobong” when she told him that he was still wearing the apron! WOOHOO!!

I love that TeukSora and Hae are all so comfortable with each other. They are REALLY comfortable with each other!  Such a good family!! Awwww!!! ^o^

Ahh! Need to leave the house now! Shall put this up first and then finish rewatching the latter half later.


4 thoughts on “Episode Notes : 120310 (Additionals)

  1. Happy that I stumbled onto your blog. I sort of fell into DC. Being married, I have always sort of avoided WGM because of certain uneasiness? (a reality show where you put two semi-famous/idol personalities together just give me the heebie-jeebies!!) so even though I was aware of the mania that was Khuntoria, I was dead against watching it. Believe it or not, I am a bonafide VIP and have always watched SJ from the sidelines with disdain but after watching DC’s WGM videos, I am looking at Leeteuk in a whole new light and giving him a lot of props (even if I still don’t listen to SJ.). Hope you keep updating cos’ I’m suffering serious withdrawal from not being able to watch DC’s progress due to the strike…..

  2. My computer crashed and as soon as it’s fixed, I looked for this blog! So glad you never left.

    Looks like both are okay with the ‘twins’ discussion. Sora even bragged about the fertility dolls to doreonim #3 – and no trace of embarassment. Read somewhere that LT is getting pressure from grandpa about grandkids! Way to go grandpa! Tell LT to get on it!

    While Sora was preparing to cook, LT picked-up their jackets and hanged them on the rack; he really is meticulous. They do complement each other really. While Sora is a little bit clumsy, LeeTeuk is so orderly. Like what MC Jake said, one of the two doing good is okay.


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