Gone Sewing!!

Mieru laughed when I told her that I would put up this notice but as strange as it sounds, that’s exactly what I am busy with. Not a joke. Am really struggling with my sewing but the long and short of it is that I have been, and still am, busy prepping for my trip so will be ‘gone’ for a while. Nope! Have not forgotten TeukSora. Yes! Still love them to itty bitty bits and yes, am still looping their episodes with my nose buried in felt, thread and faux cotton stuffing.

I already expected, when writing my MBC strike post, that WGM would go back to non-airing again so that was no surprise. Good coz that means even more time for me to procrastinate on writing on the back episodes. REALLY BAD coz time is running short for TeukSora. I vaguely remember something about South Korean males having to enlist before their 30th birthday and even though he does not look or act it, Teukie’s turning 30 (by their count) come 1 July and July really is not that far off. I mean, it is March already and personally I am in a “What the hell?!?” state over it being almost April coz hey! Wasn’t January like… Last week or yesterday or something?? o.O

That aside, thankfully there is that gadget known as the ‘mobile phone’ that still lets our couple keep in touch. Downside is, knowing how he is, Sora’s concern about him reverting back to jeondaemal is a very real one. Sigh…

In any case, am really hoping that MBC will resolve their internal matters soon (Dude, just GO ALREADY since NONE of your staff want you there! Tsk!). If I am in the vicinity, maybe I will nose round and see what’s up there since I have not seen much update or reports on how the MBC strike is going. We’ll see.

Till next time then! Soon!! *waves*


2 thoughts on “Gone Sewing!!

  1. You finally resurfaced!!! Missed your opinions, observations, etc. Yes, MBC is so cruel. Why do it when the adorable couple are having their good time? I am really hoping this strike ends soon as the wife is already missing the husband.

    You sewing? Me knitting!!

  2. *waves back*
    I’m glad you are going to write about old Teuksora’s episodes^^. We will need much entertainment while waiting for next episode… really sad how this couple has so many obstacles. Anyway I think Teukie said he will enlist in autumn, so we have a little more time to hope to some development, before he’ll be out of the show. 😉
    bye, looking forward to read more of your posts^^


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