Very quick gripe

This sounds terribly selfish in light of the ongoing strike but…

MBC!! Why is it that you have the manpower to go film Super Junior in Paris but have no manpower for WGM?? Would it kill you to have brought Sora along?? I demand that you pack TeukSora off to their deserted island right this instant!!

Actually no. Scratch that. I demand that you pack TeukSora off to their deserted island this instant with a camera and a tripod. They can selca like the pros they are so they don’t even need the staff that you don’t have!!

No. Wait. Even with that thought, I’m still annoyed that you could scrape together the staff to do a SuJu in Paris special but cannot do anything else (read: no more Radio Star either). That is such bullshit!!

MBC!! You let my Teukie meet his Sora now you stupid station with irritating double standards you!!!

Whatsyourface!! You hurry up and resign already you useless stick in the mud!! My Teukie is going to enlist soon!! We have no time to sit around and wait for you to play political games!!

GROWL!!!! MBC!!!!!

*shakes fist, kicks and throws things*

Okay. Now I feel a wee bit better.

Blessed Easter everybody!! ^^


3 thoughts on “Very quick gripe

  1. You said it all! MBC!! you made them met and we witness it, so now take responsability!! they need their love story to keep going… while we watch it!!

  2. Very good! Very nice! Hope your gripes (our gripes! as well) will reach the MBC management… As Teukie have said in one of their episodes – give them the camera and they will selca themselves…All of us are so frustrated with this ongoing and never ending strike!!!

    Angel A.

  3. Love your ranting! Let’s go get that whatshisface and throw him in the ocean. Our TeukSora is not asking for a lot – an island with a lot of trees so they don’t have to dress up while on their honeymoon, and you can’t even give it to them?

    Come to think of it, how many times has the WooJung couple been overseeas? While MBC was on strike, they even took their respective mothers to Malaysia.


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