Episode Notes : 120606

Huwaah! 4 months of not meeting face to face?? Teukie’s DEFINITELY going to be awkward!! LOL!!

Er… So. MBC. Am I supposed to be less pissy at you because you filmed my Teukie talking about his Sora during the Paris trip? No. Doesn’t work that way. Not when you didn’t bring her along! I’m steadfastly holding that against you, you stupid broadcaster with the whatshisface who is still selfishly holding onto his seat at the top! TSK!

Alright. MBC, come out with it. You had a hand in the whole conversation between Teukie and SungMin on the bus didn’t you? Cos Min ah, first asking your hyung how he knew about your running into Sora and then telling your hyung, less than 6 sentences later, that you told him about the meeting, does not add up. *smacks* Notti boy!

Then again, having the bus appear miraculously outside of the tunnel in the latter half of SungMin’s ‘sentence’ does not add up either, STUPID MBC with your STUPID EDITING!! Grrr!!

Regardless, I agree. SungMin ah, you should have called him when you ran into Sora. Eh… No. Actually, you should have taken a photo with her and sent it to him! That would have sent him straight through the roof! BEST plan!!

Regardless of whether or not the conversation was plotted in, Min’s running into Sora most likely did happen due to the way that Min was relaying the story. But the best part of it for me was not Teukie’s reaction (coz the accuracy of that is already compromised due my being convinced that MBC had a hand in the starting of that conversation in the first place). I like most that Sora was the one that went to say hi to Min first. As expected of the only in-laws to follow each other on Twitter so quickly, the two of you do get along. Aii! So happy! ^^

Gimpo Airport must be a really precious memory for Sora of Teukie. It was her second meeting with him and he pulled the ‘escort via plane to Busan’ on her then. Which girl would forget something like that?

Now Teukie’s got something new to loop on his iPad and phone! Sora signaling him while doing her open pitch for the Lotte Giants! I can see the big, bright beam already! LOL!!

Sora’s expression when she was enroute to BaekSang talking about Teukie and their fish was reminiscent of the expression that she had when she was doing the video message to her mom the last time they were at home together. Poor dear really misses him and their extended family. Park JungSu! Whatever did you do to get yourself a girl like her??

Even the MCs are aware as to how long it has been since the two of them have met! I can only sigh…

But wow! That’s quite a lot of things that Sora is bringing in with her. Sora is almost always carrying a lot of things whenever she comes home. Only time that I don’t recall her carrying everything + kitchen sink with her into the house was when she came home to meet him after work and they went off to look at pets. I can imagine though how the both of them will feel when they first walk into Dimple house though. Tis like coming home after having gone on a really long vacation. That they had to leave the house empty for so long so soon after they got the place was the most pitiable thing for me. They were so happy to get their own place!

See?? Even MiSun unni’s tone over Dimple House having been empty all this time indicates just how sad that was. STUPID MBC!! *grumbles again*

Hah! Even the MCs are expecting it to be awkward, meeting again after 4 months. Like I mentioned earlier, given that it is Teukie, he is DEFINITELY going to be awkward! And if I remember correctly, Sora mentioned before that she’s a bit concerned that he will backslide into being awkward like how it was before they got used to each other. All I can say is: Girl, you really -KNOW- your hubby! LOL!!

LOL!! Everyone got excited at the sight of the fish! Helloooo fishies!! I too had been wondering how you all have been! You have grown eh? You were just wee, little, teeny wriggly fish-lets when our couple brought you home! Thankfully you’ve been fed all this while but hmm… Someone needs to change the water in your tank. Tis looking a bit murky… Or is that because of the soft focus effect on the video?

Aww… Poor dear!! I can imagine how frustrating it is to just see reruns of the both of you on tv when you cannot see him when you want to, and cannot catch much of him on tv either. T_T Never mind! It is over now! For now! Till MBC decides to be assy again! Which is common and not unexpected! STUPID MBC!!! *grumbles yet again*

MiSun unni actually has a point in that having some time apart between couples is not necessarily a bad thing since it makes them miss each other more but er… Unni. I’m not worried about Sora. It’s Park JungSu that is a problem… He might miss her more yes. But it is not going to stop him from being very strange!! LOL!!

Good girl Sora is! Cleaning up the house a little before he comes home! I’m a little surprised that the yellow Post-its have not been bleached off by the sun as yet. Four months is a long time…

Sora really fits the ‘sunshine girl’ type! She looks so good standing by the window ‘amending’ the Post-its, biting the pen! Aii! How can our Teukie not like her? Hmm?

Ooohh! Foodies!! And LOL!! The staff have stashed fan-given ‘kiss’ mugs into the cabinet for them! Wonder how Awkward Teuk will react when he sees them. Keke! =P

LOL!! Sora looking towards the door anxiously while laying out the table is quite funny coz she wants to finish everything before he walks in and it’s quite endearing how in her nervousness, she’s spilling rice over the table coz she’s trying to hurry in scooping. ^^

“It seems that there isn’t even time to have proper meals…” I really like that Sora has been keeping track of Teukie even though they have not met in a while and her top order of the day is to take care of him, even if it means roping her mom in to help cook for her.

So apparently tradition has it a mother-in-law would have a dish of chicken waiting for the son-in-law who has been out working hard, hence the andong jjimdak!

Sora knows that Teukie’s picky so yes, tis valid for her to be concerned over whether he will like everything. I say again: Girl, you -REALLY- know your hubby! =P

What is with TeukSora and hiding behind the curtains? You know that doesn’t work no? ROFL!!

The role reversal here is quite sweet. Last time we saw one of them waiting for the other at home, he was the one that was getting all antsy wondering when she would appear. To her credit though, at least Sora is not playing ‘rock, scissors, paper’ with the cushion and slapping herself with its hand… -_-

But I like the way she sat at the entrance practicing ‘Yeobo’ to herself. And why? Coz she knows that given his character, he is going to be awkward hence she has to work harder, talk more and make active effort to be closer so that it will not be so! Awww!! PARK JUNGSU!! What did you do to get such a nice girl like her???

ROFL!!! The speed at which she scurried off when the door handle turned!! ROFL!!!!

Ohh! Fresh haircut on our Park JungSu! Looking nice from the back! And see! What was supposed to be the spot at which our Teukie spies on his wife while she makes breakfast is becoming the spot for her to look out for him when he comes home! LOL!! I love their attic! ROFL!!

LOL!! She’s laughing over him not being able to get into their house! ROFL!! But it’s good that he has to stand outside and think for a bit of the common numbers that they share. ^^

These two go through the same sequence when coming into the house: 1) Say hi to the fishies 2) CLEAN! LOL!!

LOL!! I absolutely LOVE that he didn’t manage to catch her off guard when he tried to surprise her first time they came into their fully furnished home, but she manages to do it to him! WAHAHAHA!!

SEE!!! I KNEW IT!!! He was going to be strange and there you have it! Stuttering!! ROFL!!!

AND SEE!! He can’t look straight at her again!! He’s gone back into first date Park JungSu mode! ROFL!!!

Park JungSu! Don’t lie! What do you mean by “comfortable”?? You were AWKWARD and STRANGE!! Fortunately Sora is awesome and she is prepared to tackle your awkwardness! PARK JUNGSU!! Whatever did you do to deserve a girl like her?? She’s AWESOME!!! And you are… You… You are… You are STRANGE! And AWKWARD! And a goofy DORK!! ROFL!!

Clever girl changed the questions from questions to the both of them to questions that she wants hubby to answer!

See? Even the MCs can see and acknowledge the effort that she made to reduce the awkwardness.

Aii… Park JungSu… Okay. I’m going to have to stop asking what you did to get an awesome girl like her coz I think in the last 10mins I have already been through this question at least three times. >_<

Okay, at least he is being honest and earnest (and not strange and awkward) with his answers when asked as to when he missed her the most. His response over his frustration with talks about them being cancelled etc is consistent to his short (albeit vague) outburst on Twitter. It was frustrating for us as viewers to see them getting along so brilliantly only to have that black hole of death known as the ‘MBC Labour Strike’ hit. Can imagine just how frustrating it must be for them who were the ones whose relationship was moving along smoothly only to have the emergency brakes clamped down on them. And YOU SEE MBC!!! MY TEUKIE’S STRANGE NOW!!! STUPID MBC!!! You’re lucky my Teukie’s wife is AWESOME and knows how to roll along with the punches, otherwise I will be regretting it even MORE that I didn’t stop outside your offices to give your building a kick during my trip!

ROFL!! The way Sora’s eyes were traveling up and down and back up her hubby! ROFL!!!

OMG!! I don’t know what to say now! PARK JUNGSU!!!!

“No, I haven’t been working out… No, I really haven’t…” And while all that is coming out of his mouth, he’s busy shrugging his jacket off! OMG!!! I don’t know what to say!! PARK JUNGSU!!!

And see!! The camera caught a bit of you FLEXING your arm at her so as to elicit squeals of admiration!! You’re SO OBVIOUSLY showing off!! Park JungSu!!!

The BEST part?? When his jacket came off and she could see his arms, she prodded his biceps right? BUT!! As he continued to protest against the “allegation” of his having worked out, he indicates to her his pecs which she then pokes!! YOU VAIN MAN YOU!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!! OMG!!! I’m so embarrassed to be your fan!!!

And when she said that you look good, you immediately take hold of the bottom of your tee?? OMG!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!!! YOU SHALLOW MAN YOU!!! ROFL!!!

Park JungSu! Don’t lie! What do you mean by taking your jacket off coz it’s summer! You WANTED her to look coz she was obviously appreciative of the work that you’ve put into buffing up and you WANTED her to see it all, you VAIN MAN!!! ROFL!!!

LOL!! It’s quite hilarious! Sora’s like a kid with a new toy! She keeps prodding him! Well, she did say that she would overcome the awkwardness by actively being closer to him and she’s definitely carrying out! ROFL!!! But! Know what? I like that Sora’s got an excuse to poke him. Coz he’s being so strange and awkward that they are physically so far apart now and I don’t think he’s got the guts to try holding her hand again immediately? So it is good that there is still physical contact at this awkward stage even if it is poking! Tis good! LOL!!

Ahh! So Sora did the rice while her mom prepared the dishes. Wahaha! Moment of truth as Mr Picky tries out mom-in-law + wife’s cooking! Even I’m a bit worried about the reaction and I was not the one cooking! Hee!

Park JungSu, of course the rice is cold! Go watch the episode yourself, see what time she laid the table and look at what time you showed up! Aii…

“What are you going to do?” Pfft!! As if you didn’t know. Stop acting! =P

I really love that the MCs are really giving Sora credit for the amount of effort that she’s taking to be pro-active, and I especially love hearing her getting praised for being a good woman. She is!!! She’s AWESOME!! Park JungSu!! Whatever did you do to get a good girl like her!!

LOL!! I’m very amused with how Sora is just looooooooooooking at her hubby with hearts in her eyes like “Huwaaaah~ ♥” LOL!! “There would be trouble if I hadn’t been working out..” You mean your wife wouldn’t be looking at your as much? Somehow, I doubt. Then again… Hmmm… 😉

“Don’t keep looking here! You have to look at my face too!” So says the one that was so awkward that he couldn’t look his own wife in the eye! =P

Sora wants to go on their honeymoon. I want them to go on their honeymoon too!!!

Oh my goodness… The “tango” from HaeSeo’s date… Please don’t remind me… T_T”’

“The one that’s most revealing is the samba. That’s basically like a bikini” “Let’s do the samba!” WOOOOOOOLF!!! Or is it payback for letting her gawk at your newly reclaimed buff bod? But that you showed her on your own accord! =P

Ahh! So Teukie wants to do social dancing with his wife coz dancing gets you physically closer and will make up for the blank period when they were so far apart. Ah! He’s been planning!!

Phew! I thought it was another potential grave for him to dig with his mouth when she asked him about his doing couple dances for year end shows. SAFE!! For now…

I always thought that social dance attire was all very over the top. Too much bling and ruffles and this shop reaffirms it!

Sora likes it simple and elegant. Can see the cogs and wheels turning in his head when he hears it.

See! He tries to convince her that visual illusion styles are cool to wear and when she shoots that down, moves on to recommending see through styles! WOFL!! ROFL!!

LOL!! MiSun unni’s observation that the two of them are getting increasingly bold coz they’re picking see through outfits for each other! I’m more like Park JungSu!! Not awkward and strange anymore with the prospect of seeing your wife in a see through outfit? WOLF!! ROFL!!

I must say that the bags that Sora owns are really miraculous. What does she put on them? An Undetectable Extension Charm ala Hermione Granger?? That bag of hers looks so FLAT but there’s a Polaroid camera in it?? Maybe I need to get the same bags that she does so I can finally have enough space for all my things in my bag. Even my Neverfull is often filled to the brim and bursting! >_<”’

Everyone’s reaction at Teukie’s bare bod!! ROFL!! Sora’s eyes are not moving! ROFL!!! Oh my goodness!! And this is just them trying out outfits for social dance classes! Can you imagine how their WEDDING photoshoot is going to be like?? ROFL!!

Sora really looks awkward in the dress! I don’t know, she just doesn’t look comfortable in it and IMO, it’s not really her. And I think from the expression on his face, even though he’s saying that the dress looks nice on her, he knows that it’s not her style too.

Ohhh!! Sora reaching for Teukie’s hand to hold first!! Aww!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay. No. The military style doesn’t go on Teukie either even though it made me happy to hear Sora tell him that white is definitely his color! He and his whites! She knows!! ^o^

LOL!! Teukie eyeing the camera crew while asking where he should look! ROFL!! WOLF! You wanted to see her in slinky dance outfits which is why the two of you ended up in that shop no?

I agree with Sora. That dress is shocking. But wah!! Sora is REALLY fair!! But no. That’s not the point. Point is, Teukie’s getting nervous which is why he’s starting to talk A LOT. =P Like I said, you put yourself in this situation so… ROFL!!!

ROFL!! Teukie’s feeling most awkward in the see through shirt but Sora’s happy coz the shirt shows off his muscular arms! Maybe he’s right and it would have been an issue if he had not been working out. ROFL!!

Both the times that Sora had to move herself across the room while in that silvery bling bling Christmas tree wannabe excuse of a dress, she chose to squeeze herself past the chairs and display case which is the FURTHEST away from the crew and her husband, and turned herself so that nobody gets a view of her rear! Poor dear!! This is the girl that is most comfortable in shorts, sneakers and an oversized shirt! OF COURSE she would be awkward in that… that… I dunno! Can one seriously call that a dress??

I am however most amused with the way Teukie occupies himself while waiting for Sora to change. I really wonder what he is going to do while waiting for her to change wedding dresses next time. =P

I think I know why each time Sora emerges from the room it feels strange and the dress doesn’t feel right. Coz each time she comes out with the dress, she doesn’t come out looking very confident and the awkwardness that she comes out with reduces how pretty the outfit could look on her. But she really showed her flirty side with the last dress. She knew what her husband would be happy to see, which is why she turned almost immediately to let Teukie see the bare back of the dress and even moved the chiffon aside on the skirt to let him see how high the slit went. But too bad, the awkward vibe that she gave off took away the sexiness from it. Then again, this is me, the third party, speaking. Looking at Teukie’s reaction, how he couldn’t even talk properly when he first noticed the slit in the skirt, how he’s trying so hard to “not see” through those WIDE GAPS in between his fingers especially when she wore the Christmas tree, tis more than good enough for the wolf in him. *wink wink*

ROFL!! The way that he told her “Wait wait! Don’t turn!” when she moved the skirt to show him the slit and it looked as if she was going to turn at the same time! ROFL!!! Park JungSu’s HAPPY!! ROFL!!

Teukie: “Of course I wouldn’t be happy if someone else was looking… But it is good if I am!”
Interviewer: “Is that why you did not stop her?” ”
Teukie: “Why are you being like that to me?”
Me : LMAO!!!!!!

OHHHHH!!!! PARK JUNGSU!!! You were WAITING for the right dress to come along so that you could do a rehash of the whacky tango eh?? LEG UP round you and all?? HAH!! WOLF!!!

ANYWAY!! If I remember it correctly, think being part of WGM doesn’t stop you from communicating, but it does stop you from meeting up face to face. I trust and believe that Teukie would have continued communicating with Sora via text messages during their blackout period during the strike, but truth be told, I think practically speaking, it would have been hard for him coz he’s been so incredibly busy. And Sora does not seem to be the type that will bother him when she knows that he is so busy so while I think they would have communicated, it would have been at a very bare minimal.

Also. All’s fair in love, war and eating your partner up with your eyes. She got to gawk at his muscular bod, he got to gape over her back bare till down there and slit up to there. Now that it has all aired, he has to deal with his brothers’ reaction once they find the time to watch the episode on their own.



10 thoughts on “Episode Notes : 120606

  1. Finally you’re back to make us smile with your comments, arienblurr! Park Jung-Soo – one lucky guy! Yeah! what did you do to deserve an awesome girl like Kang Sora? You must have saved a nation in your previous life! But aren’t they adorable in this episode?

  2. Ahhh, so I see familiar people here. FDs everywhere huh???
    Dimple Couple, what have you done to us?? We’re totally captured by your charms. 😀
    Feel better after reading this. Thanks again Arien!!!

    • this is k_craze saying hello to you, monmon16 🙂
      Yes, DC what have you done to us! I chanced upon this blog and loved the post. Thanks Arien, you’re so funny.
      Yeah Park Jungsu what did you do to deserve a girl like Sora.

  3. hahahah. I can feel your frustation to MBC!!! LOL, wonder what will their reaction if they happen to read this. How many times you wrote STUPID MBC! LOL

    Thanks for this. This is awesome. Always awesome!


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