Teuk on WGM at the ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Press Conference

I know I am two weeks behind in my writing but this seems to be the hot topic of the moment and since I am in the mood, I figured that I had better get this out of the way before I get sidetracked like I have been the last couple of weeks! (Everything is half-written!! Procrastination will be my downfall!!)

To cut a long story short, some kind souls at Baidu posted some translations of news articles in which Teukie mentioned Sora and WGM. I think they are worth sharing so I took the liberty of translating these translations.

Do note though that since these are translations from translations, I (as usual) took some liberties. The sentence structure of some parts have been changed while translating to make for easier reading while keeping as close I could to the original meaning of the sentences as a whole, so do bear these in mind while reading.

Translation of this:

Lee Teuk said that “It is true that the long lapse in our meetings made it awkward between us again. But I believe that the phrase ‘I love you’ can make miracles happen.”

Lee Teuk continued, “Saying ‘I love you’ will make one think of building a loving relationship with the person. And that is how it is with Sora at the moment! It is, of course, a make-believe marriage, filmed with programme content in mind. But I do, at the very least, treat her wholeheartedly, filming with the mindset that she is the only one in my heart, which is probably what makes it more realistic.”

Lee Teuk said that he hopes that Kang Sora would be there to see him off on his day of enlistment as many men have gone off to the army after marriage and there is therefore a need for this sort of a scenario. RyeoWook said “[I] think [she] will want to be there…”

Translation of this:

“The reward that the country has given me. I will take it as my biggest assignment, the longest scheduled activity. Thinking of it this way makes [me] feel better.” So says Lee Teuk who is due for enlistment this year. Super Junior will be kick-starting activities for their sixth album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ from the 4th. This album could be Lee Teuk’s last before enlistment.

Lee Teuk said “[I] will definitely enlist this year. Though fulfilling military duty will temporarily take [me] away from the group, as opposed to calling it “last”, it would be better calling it temporary rest. There was a time when [I] lost sleep [over it]. But after thinking it over, this might be the reward that the country is giving the me, who has been hard at work since 2005. [I would like to] finish military duty quickly, [so that I can] continue to be with Super Junior. The important thing is that I have always been enclosed within Super Junior. Super Junior’s existence is like a home that I can return to after I am done with what I need to do.”

With regards to Super Junior’s activities, Lee Teuk said, “I do not want Super Junior disbanded. I plan to convince those with expiring contracts to get them renewed. [I want to] continue being active as Super Junior.”

Lee Teuk also expressed his feelings towards Kang Sora who appears with him on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.

Lee Teuk said “Because of MBC [we were] apart for a long time, [and it] definitely became slightly awkward again. But [I] feel that the phrase ‘love’ can create miracles. [I] feel that saying ‘I love you’ can cause love to happen. And that is the feeling with Kang Sora.”

Lee Teuk continued, “I hope that Kang Sora will be there to see me off when I enlist. There are lot of people who have enlisted after marriage. [So] even though it is a make-believe marriage, there should be this side to it.”

Lee Teuk, on his birthday, wrote on Twitter with regards to [Super Junior’s] sixth album attaining top spot on the real-time charts of the major online music portals. “To me, this is the best birthday present. Thank you. The closing of this first stage of my life.”

29-year old Lee Teuk will enlist this year.

The title track of Super Junior’s sixth album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ is a soulful house style of song. With addictive melody and lyrics, [the song] describes the success story of the sexy, free and single man. Super Junior will be making their comeback on Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ on the 5th.

My Views:

Both translations were worded differently hence the difference in phrasing etc, but I think that this is, in a nutshell, almost a continuation of this except that by now, our Park JungSu should be pretty clear that he is in a two-way traffic situation and not on some lonely highway all by his lonesome self where Sora’s feelings are concerned. In a way, I am glad that his intention is to treat this relationship that he shares with her as realistically as possible. But, I am also worried that this will cause delusions that might end up hurting both of them in the end since it is obvious that Sora is actually getting quite emotionally invested in him.

I would, on a normal day, probably give this more thought but since the things that spouted from our JungSu’s mouth was positive today, I shall not ruin it (nor postpone my much-needed shower) any further by dwelling on it. I shall instead look forward to seeing Sora at the enlistment camp together with his brothers, even though there is a small part of me that thinks that that might not happen coz being the sweetie that she is, she has demonstrated on various occasions that she does take ELF’s feelings into consideration. The ELF that are still anti-Sora have no idea as to just how lucky they actually are to have her as First Lady since she actually does think about them. Tsk tsk tsk… *shakes head*

On the other hand! If she does go (am I am REALLY hoping that she does!!), ELF might just refrain from complaining on the spot in deference to their beloved President since that is the last time that they will be seeing him for two years. And there will be nine other strapping young men there to jump into action if ELF decide to maul her anyway. We know SungMin will… Kekeke! *wink wink*


One thought on “Teuk on WGM at the ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Press Conference

  1. Take a shower and you’ll feel more refreshed! hahahaha!!! This is really a first-time for me as far as LT expressing what’s inside of him is – and I am loving it! Will she be there to see him off? I think she should, after all he is her husband and I have a feeling (like what I posted at soompi) that LT wants to enlist as a (virtual) married man to Kang Sora!!


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