Teukie’s Comments on 10/7 Strong Heart

Once again our JungSu has opened his mouth to spill jewels sending all (even me, who is usually one of the most calm and rational), into a whooping frenzy. Well, the type of frenzy will depend on which side of the ‘oppa should or should not have a girlfriend’ fence you are on, but as all can tell, I am totally with the “go get attached already!” camp so that is moot. But I digress.

The point is that our beloved Park JungSu has once again made his stand towards shedding single-dom. And he has not only made it clear, he has given himself a time-frame to do it. The (sadly hilarious) anguish in poor Yoo YeonSuk’s “Noo!! Don’t do it!!” at our JungSu’s declaration of “I’m finding someone before I enlist” was there but Teukie’s message was clear: I do not want to be alone anymore.

I am not even going to question as to whether or not he was joking because I watched ‘Strong Heart’ and in my opinion, he was, as he said, quite serious about it. To his credit (or naivete, depending on how you want to look at it), his rationale behind it is that if she is willing to wait two years for him, she will be willing to wait for him for the rest of his life. And the grand plan is to marry that special someone within five years. Mind you, this sort of statement is not to be taken lightly because what JungSu’s on about here is not just a “let us go out and see what happens” type of arrangement but a “let us work towards marriage together” sort of proposal. There is a real and tangible end to the plan. He is talking about and thinking long-term and that, in my opinion, is nothing to be sniffed at.

That said, what made me (and I think most TeukSo supporters in general) very happy was that the possibility of Sora being his target in mind, is high.

To put it very simply, if the person whom he has in mind is not Sora, I would be well pissed with him on Unknown’s behalf that he wants to have a serious relationship with her yet expressed a wish for Sora to go see him off when he enlists. I love Teukie to bits, but I will admit that he isn’t the brightest spark in the land where some things are concerned. But I also believe that he would not express a wish for Sora specifically to be there at something as important as Enlistment Day if she was not considered of some measure of importance to him. If put in Unknown’s shoes, I would be quite hard-pressed to believe any good excuse that he can come up with as to why he said what he said since that severely compromises my position in his heart. If Unknown exists that is.

Also, we all know that the basis of being part of the WGM cast is that you must not be attached. We also know that Teukie’s got work hard-wired in him and he would like to work right up to the day he enlists.  WMG is, for all ends and purposes, work so if we take it from a work perspective, his wish to have Sora see him off on Enlistment Day is in-line with that nature of his since it will really mean his working right up till the moment he steps into camp. But if I take into account what he said on ‘Strong Heart’ with this, it is going to be quite difficult for him to work Unknown into the equation coz how is he going to be working on WGM on Enlistment Day when WGM requires him to be single and available then? There are two ways out of it: End WGM and go court Unknown, having Sora at camp only as his best galpal; or start going out with Sora properly. Personally, seeing the way he is with her, I seriously doubt he will be able to see her as a galpal anytime soon. At least not soon enough for Unknown’s liking (if Unknown exists) and it is not as if he has all that much time left for him to switch modes. Hence I conclude (and I will gladly wear the label of ‘biased fangirl’ here) that it is not only convenient for Teukie to just go after Sora to fulfil his grand plan, it is most practical as well.

As a fellow female, I was, initially, quite worried for Sora coz Teukie’s the one with the big gestures and showy events and it is hard for a girl to not be moved coz of things that he says and does. What if he does not mean them, then what? But after last night, I was quite heartened. For me, I think that Sora is good for him coz if nothing else, his fans have already had time to get used to the idea of her being with him. They need not accept it (and it is a given that some of them never will), but I still feel that having her as the girlfriend bomb would be lot better than throwing in an Unknown at them.

It also helps that Sora has shown herself to be capable of coping with the fan-hate. I remember that there was once in the beginning when she made a comment about the hate that she was getting from being paired up with Teukie, and she got a lot of backlash for it coz some saw it as her blaming Teukie for being the cause of all the hate she received. But I think she learned from that one instance and has been showing herself as being better able to handle things, though I think that part of her ability to handle it is because Teukie is very openly supportive of her as well. And from what I understand, she has won many fans over because of how she is.

It is true what Min said before to Wookie on Sukira once in relation to TeukSo, that only those involved will truly know as to what is going on, and I agree with that wholeheartedly. It might be a bit farfetched, but a part of me actually thinks that some of the boys already have Sora marked out as their hyungsu-nim more so than say Lee YoonJi was when she was ‘married’ to KangBear. But the point is that for those of us looking in from the sides who wish them well both together and as individuals, it is something that makes us happy since there is hope somewhere that there is at least a thought on his part to make things happen.

Park JungSu! I am giving up lunch to write this and a hungry woman is an angry one so you had better not disappoint me (not too much at least) or I am not only going to kick your bum, I am going to lodge a complaint with your mother the next time I see her!!

Now excuse me while I go get me some chocolate before I embarrass myself further from the growling stomach…


3 thoughts on “Teukie’s Comments on 10/7 Strong Heart

  1. Arienblurr!!! I’m so happy you are again writing in your blog^^ I perfectly agree with you even if of course we can’t be really sure of such things. You said all the reasons that matters, I want to add that Sora has showed she is really into him (I can’t get out of my head her teary eyes at the end of last episode), so if he wants someone else he should not stay with her in that Tv-show, not if she is expecting something from him that he could not give. My conclusion is the same as yours ❤ *crossing fingers* Sora is really an awesome girl, she can give him all the love and the caring he needs. I fear a little the two years… but let's keep positive^^

  2. you finally bring it here…keke…i’ve been waiting since your continuous comment on twitter ^^


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