The photoshoot is not the end of the road

To be honest, I was, one of those, that felt a chill creep into the deepest recesses of my heart when I heard that TeukSo had gone for a wedding photoshoot because, like it or not, history has had it that couples on WGM left the show within weeks of the shoot. But the more that I chewed on it, the more I figured that this does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the road for TeukSo.

For one, Teukie, at least, has been open with how he actually likes being on the programme. Well. Not quite worded as directly as that, but he has protested against allegations of the programme being cancelled during the Dark Void. And with how Teukie is about work, if we are going to take this purely from a work point of view, I do not think that he is going to let this one run away that soon, especially since that means the possibility of free time for him and he has resolved (for better or worse) to break his back working all the way till he enlists.

That and there is Teukie’s introduction to Sora’s parents at the photoshoot itself. I have watched and followed a number of couples on WGM, and unless it was those that I skipped over watching, I do not recall having couples meet parents shortly before break-ups. It just does not make sense. If they were really moving to take them off-air, I do not think that her parents would have appeared this late into the game, IF the game was really coming to an end. No matter how I look at it, there is no need to add to an equation that is a lost cause. You only add to it if there is value to the addition. Bringing extra people in means more work (and stress) for the crew too, so I honestly do not think that people are going to bother themselves with dealing with extras if TeukSo was going to end their run soon.

That said, TeukSo’s run IS going to end and pretty soon as well because of Teukie’s looming military duties. But I have faith that if Teukie is going to make an exit, he is going to do it on his own terms. And if I take this in light of his recent comments, it will not be till Enlistment Day.

Chin up folks! Tis all not over till the fat lady sings! ^^


One thought on “The photoshoot is not the end of the road

  1. I’ve posted this before at soompi and I don’t know how many times but when LeeTeuk got vocal about wishing Sora would send him off, I had the impression he didn’t want to end the stint until it is time for him to enter the military – even adding the phrase “some of those who enlisted were married” – thus, the wife should send them off (my statement only). Like what happened to Ssangchu couple, it ended because Kim Hyun Joong had to do Boys Over Flowers – they didn’t divorce – he had gone overseas to shoot a film. He even told wife Hwangbo he has a kiss scene and would call her when it is time for the kiss scene. So Ssangchu ended their stint as STILL married couple. I guess that is how LeeTeuk wants it to happen – leave as a married man (even tho’ a virtual husband) – he wants to stay that way. That’s why I am hoping and praying that there is no goodbye episode for these two. Really, with the way things are now, it would be too painful – on everybody.

    Others said WGM seem to be rushing their activities – I would say WGM is trying to make up for the times and opportunities lost by this couple due to the MBC strike – dating out of town, celebrating one’s birthday (like what Sora said, they were unable to celebrate together her birthday and their other anniversaries) so they are doing everything now on every filming. If LeeTeuk really enlists at the begininng of October, then we have a clean two months to enjoy – and hopefully the two months would be more fruitful than what we are experiencing now.


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