Not following on Twitter is NOT a bad sign

Sunshine Lee‘s question on one of my earlier postings pertaining to Teukie and Sora’s tweets suddenly reminded me of one of the things that I always wanted to write about and/or address, but just never got down to. Ahh! Procrastination! Thou wilt be mine downfall! Just seeing how long it took for this post to appear is, in itself, evidence of the same. But I digress.

The essential question was this:

“… why is [Teukie] not following sora in twitter anymore? :\”

My take on the issue is this:

Teukie started off Twitter with the view of it being a SuJu thing. That purpose was obvious because in the beginning, he followed only a handful of SuJu members and also Sukira (which is also a SuJu thing), on which he was a DJ with HyukJae. He unfollowed Sukira shortly after it was decided that MinWook would take over, and I think that was because every update from Sukira without him and HyukJae would cause him heartache and suffering hence the unfollowing, but that is another story for another day.


Why he followed Sora on Twitter is something that I touched on in fair detail in an earlier post so I will not go into that, but in a nutshell, my take is that he followed Sora in the first place to make a point: It was to publicly reach out to Sora to show that he was on her side when she was getting the most hate for being paired up with him. Their circumstances have changed rather significantly since then coz they have already moved on over Painfully-Awkward Hill and the whiners also know by now that no matter how much they whine, he will continue sticking to her so… Purpose achieved therefore he can go back to his original grand plan of having his Twitter account as being SuJu-only. Hence the unfollowing since Sora was the sole non-SuJu member that he was following anyway.

Why do I say that his act of unfollowing Sora is of no significance? One of the best examples that I can give is that of Kim HeeChul.

Teukie is Heenim’s ‘JungSu’ friend. Every now and then they will hang out on their own and fans get happy and excited when they learn of these 83-line outings. He obviously likes and gets along with Heenim and vice versa. But. They never did follow each other on Twitter. I have seen fans question Teukie over why he does not follow Heenim, especially during the immediate aftermath of his following Sora, and again thereafter when he added more of the SuJu members to his following list. Heenim was always very significantly missing from his following list. But does the act of them not following each other on Twitter mean that they do not get along? I, for one, do not think so.

Neither does he follow his own sister on Twitter. InYoung follows Teukie, and I remember her tweeting him to say that it would be nice if her brother followed her too when she saw him ask Sora to follow him. But did he do it? No. And to me, this is really the crux of it: If he steadfastly refuses to even follow his own sister on Twitter, why should he be expected to follow whoever it is that we expect him to follow?

As I said before on Soompi when this whole hooha erupted, I know it is difficult, but do not take Teukie’s unfollowing of Sora on Twitter that badly. I used to think too that their following or not following each other was important coz it was indicative of their state of affairs. But I did not take into account JungSu’s peculiarities where it comes to following and/or not following people then. If I take his quirks into account, this kind of abnormality is actually normal. And I strongly believe that this move was made so that his following list is kept back to SuJu only.

I hope this makes at least some feel a little bit better about the whole matter. ^^





One thought on “Not following on Twitter is NOT a bad sign

  1. Unfollowing in twitter – a lot are really worried about this! Really, there is no significance – people just have to analyze and most importantly, think positive. I think most people tend to use the word WHY (then cry) more than “OH, I’M SURE THAT’S WHY”. Thanks for elaborating again!


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