Two hours after the episode aired and I thought I had gotten over it after having railed on Twitter and ranting to Mieru via Whatsapp as well. I even thought that no, maybe I should wait for the subs to emerge before saying anything further since my listening comprehension isn’t all that spectacular. But after getting dinner and having had the time to sit and think for a bit, I think that it is imperative that I let the steam all out before I burst at the seams.

Seriously MBC. WHAT is your problem?? Today’s episode was so good for our couple and you had to go ruin it by throwing in that crap excuse of a circus sideshow with WooJung. If I am going to give WooJung the benefit of the doubt that they would not be so evil on their own as to even THINK of stealing Dimple House from TeukSo on their own, guess who is left to blame? That’s right MBC. YOU!!!

YOU!! How could you even allow a plot-line with the possibility of TeukSo losing Dimple House?? That house is TeukSo’s!! WooJung are supposed to have their own house and they HAD their own house!! If you want to reduce them to living out of a camping car, that is YOUR problem and WooJung’s! WHY do you have to involve TeukSo?? WHY??

And YOU!! WOOJUNG!! I actually like the both of you individually so I was really quite appalled with what was shown on today’s broadcast! It was a classic demonstration of what it takes to be at the peak of horrendously BAD social behavour! You were like the relatives from hell that some of us spend 363 days in a year praying HARD over to develop spontaneous bouts of amnesia so that they not visit during Christmas and New Year!

YOU!! You covetous pair!! You have A LOT of guts showing up at Dimple House the way you did! Not only did you persist in going to TeukSo’s, at half past ten in the night, plotting to challenge them out of their abode, you went ahead with the ‘visit’ despite Teukie calling EunJung back to ask that you make the trip on another day because they were tired and thinking of calling it a day already. They even greeted you at the door in their pajamas! Pajamas!! They were ready for bed and you two clowns still showed up!

And YOU!! Showing up at that sort of an hour aside, you proceeded to not only inspect the house but even sat yourselves on the host couple’s bed! TEUKSO’S BED!! Excuse me, but have you not been taught that it is just plain RUDE to plonk yourself onto someone else’s bed? And it was a bed that these poor people were all dressed for, all ready to rest in till YOU showed up! It’s not like either of you are DongHae who’s a brother, and even his resting on their bed was already appalling! Teukie didn’t even want you in their bedroom but you just barged in nonetheless for a tour! YOU!! You were just plain intruding and on behalf of my Teukie and his Sora, I take MUCH offense at that!

But truly. Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING beats just how annoyed I am at MBC even allowing WooJung to challenge TeukSo for the possession of Dimple House. If WooJung was pushed to do it, then whoever it is that is responsible for this farce in MBC? YOU! You deserve to have poop RAINED on your head by a flock of incontinent fowl! And WooJung! If you wanted to do this on your own accord then the both of you deserve to live out the rest of your married life with nothing else but a cereal box for shelter!




6 thoughts on “MBC! WTH!?

  1. you know all.. woojung couple make me..phewking with their behavior.. actualy.. if they just visit.. it just no problem.. yeah.. no problem.. but then they want, make a bet with our DC house on the first visiting.. how crap they are… i dont hate woojung on the first i saw them on wgm special, but now… really make me ANGRY.. i really sad when kang sora said.. ” uhm im so sleepy” when woojung visit their house.. so sad… our aegi princess can’t sleep because ridicoulous people visit on the time they must sleep…

    until now.. i cant watch on the part when they were visit DC house…

    and i just skip their scene(woojung) and just watch DC couple scene…

    p.s: sorry for my bad english. ..

  2. I believe MBC has ran out of assignments for WooJung Couple so they wanted them to annoy DC. I read somewhere WJ didn’t have anymore footage left because both were busy with their individual activities and they probably threw this concept on this couple. But did they even think what kind of concept this is? I personally do not like this couple – they are the most outrageous amongst the WGM couples who were involved before – they kiss, they touch, and most of all, the annoying argument. Yes, Sora seemed annoyed (and confused) and LT tried to show that forced smile. And yes again, intruding in that ‘sacred’ section of the house, picking up what’s on the vanity and then trying on the bed – and even closing the bedroom door on them, is so DAMN RUDE!
    The only reason I watched that portion of the show was because our DC was there – I just hated the two actors’ overreactions.
    I’m just hoping MBC would change this plot – give them time to think about it since they won’t be showing anything this weekend.

    Thanks for ranting – at least it’s not just us who’s complaining! Korean fans should start flooding MBC message board with complaints!

  3. Circus sideshow. Yup. Exactly. I don’t know whose brainfart that was. What saddens me was to watch all 4 of them being reduced to clowns. Lee Teuk sliding into it because he often entertains with no thought to his dignity, and Sora because she looked so confused and she’s made for more than brainless entertainment. Eunjung and Jangwoo were brats, and became MBCs pawns.

  4. MBC & WJ couple should be more creative. Why they even bring WGM S1 concept here..???? You may not know but I feel like rewatching what they’ve done with KangJi vs Pudding Jelly… abet for a house.. really.. tsk..

    Dimple House is way too much precious for WJ..
    DC search for the house themself, buy furniture, even adopting Lee Teuk So Ra..all happen in Dimple House..
    Too many memories in Dimple House…. gezzzz…. I dont dare to imagine what WJ gonna do there in the next eps…

    And I think if I had to see DC live in a motor house I’ll break some wall.. (maybe MBC’s building wall) really!! *pouts*

  5. I applaud you! well said!!! They better keep away from Dimple House!! How can even think of making it theirs?? It’s full of Teukso memories and love!! I would feel like the worst thief to even think about that!!! *angry!!*

  6. I cannot agree more with you! But I am more inclined to think it is WJ’s idea except for visiting the Dimple House (if we believe that there is no script other than where to go hints from MBC). I felt ashamed for Eunjung’s mother to have taught such a girl without basic manner and respect. Both Teuk and Sora had politely asked her to leave their room and Dimple House. Sorry for the rant here, I also cannot calm myself down after hours of first watching.


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