Teukie’s Comments on 15/7 Radio Star

Almost three years since he declared on ‘Strong Heart’ that he would be shedding singledom prior to enlistment, we now find out from JungSu as to how that grand plan of his panned out. Funnily enough, a glance at one of my past posts primed me to the fact that Yoo YeonSuk was the one reacting to Teukie’s ambitions (‘Warm and Cozy’!!) but I digress.

This is a translation of a translation hence the sentence structure of some parts have been changed to make for easier reading. And while I tried to stick as closely as I could to the original meaning, there might have been slight deviations where i did not intend, so please do bear these in mind while reading.

Anyway, this was JungSu’s reasoning for picking the song ’I Believe’ for SuJu’s performance (or lack thereof) on ‘Radio Star’. Note that the theme was ‘The song that I would sing for the bad woman that made me cry’.

JungSu : The reason as to why I picked this song was because I was meeting someone with good feelings before I entered the army. And I had asked her ‘Would you wait for me while I’m in service?’ And the response that I got was ‘Are you mad?’.

JungSu : ‘Service is for two years. Is there a need for me to suffer like that?’. That was the answer that I got.

YJS (Yoon JongShin) : This shouldn’t be something that a man says…

JungSu: But I really wanted some sort of assurance then so I was really hurt.

YJS : It’s either you tidy up [the relationship] before you go or you go just like that…

JungSu : Yes, that is correct. After I went in, I [realised] that out of ten relationships, nine of them had ended [before service].

A lot of thoughts came into my head when I first watched this segment. While part of me was thinking ‘No, it cannot be Sora’, the other part of me was thinking that it has to be Sora because Teukie was very clear during that point in time that there was no one else on his decks. If it was someone else other than Sora, I would be really mad at him for messing with my head the whole time, but I know from years of fandom that he is not quite capable of this level of deceitful manoeuvring, so it was with a very heavy heart that I concluded that said person in the story must have been Sora. Which, given his mentality, probably explains the Americano chugging to the level that the drink is even mentioned in his part of ‘Love at First Sight’ in the new album.


I would like to think that whatever it is that happened between them has been resolved in some way. At least I know that Sora does not bear bad feelings against him else she would not have gone to the funeral those years ago. But with this new story, it sheds light, at least for me, as to how JungSu felt (and obviously still feels) and why there is still indication of that profound loneliness that he has not been able to shed till this day.

I believe that JungSu will get past the heartache from the rejection back then. It will take him a while because of how sensitive he is and I trust that the blow he received then must have been huge coz his augmented level of expectation would have led to equally augmented levels of disappointment. A part of me thinks that the way that he was going on everywhere with his expectations of the relationship scared her off and was contributory to his being rejected (hah!), but well, we all live and learn. Sora herself has also visibly matured over the years and I would like to think that if he ever built it up in himself to try again, perhaps this time he would succeed.

Aii… Park JungSu…


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