Episode Notes : 120606

Huwaah! 4 months of not meeting face to face?? Teukie’s DEFINITELY going to be awkward!! LOL!!

Er… So. MBC. Am I supposed to be less pissy at you because you filmed my Teukie talking about his Sora during the Paris trip? No. Doesn’t work that way. Not when you didn’t bring her along! I’m steadfastly holding that against you, you stupid broadcaster with the whatshisface who is still selfishly holding onto his seat at the top! TSK!

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Episode Notes : 120310 (Additionals)

Watching Teuk’s attempt at scaring Sora from behind reminds me that sometimes I actually do think that they complement each other so well because one is at the mental age where the other is physically. =P

Ahh! The cactus-wannabe thing behind where the bears went on is not a stand. Tis a coat rack!! I geddit now!

One thing about these two: They both have distinct laughter. When you hear it, you know it is them!

So the recipe book that Sora bought was supposed to be a BASIC book, but going through the first page was challenging for Sora. Aigoo! What’s going to happen to Teukie’s seafood stew? =P But I like that Sora is willing to meet the challenge. She’s cool that way! Melikes!!

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Episode Notes : 120310

Teukie’s such a child!! ROFL!! But I would have been happier if he had hugged her from the back instead of patting her arm. Hee! =P

Think they have yet to see how the house looks like since all the furniture went in. They look REALLY happy!! But what makes me happiest is that they DO have a piano in the house!! YAY!!

Sora’s brought lots of things with her for the house! A heart-hug cushion, similar to the ones that they sell in Ikea and a pair of plush bear hand puppets that fans gave. Sora Bear and Teukie Bear!!

She’s also brought a recipe book. It is a quite a big book! They’re flipping through it and he’s telling her what he wants from it. She says that she will try her best. Sora-sshi! Fighting!!! p(^^)q

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Episode Notes : 111008

Thanks to the MBC strike and the drought of new WGM episodes, there is a bit of time for me to go back and catch up on writing on older TeukSora episodes that I did not get to write about. I initially thought of working backwards but I figured that since I have the time, that I might as well work from the very first episode since I would be rewatching everything all over again anyway. So here is the first of the result of that ‘working backwards’ that I am doing. With any luck, I will get derailed from doing this very soon when the strike is over but till then, I shall endeavor to catch up as much as I can.

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Episode Notes : 120128

So this week we start off with a quick recap of what happened last week before the girls start demonstrating their respective talents.

Think EunSeo was demonstrating the use of some dialect while Sena said that coz she’s bad in aegyo she had been practicing using the Korean word game/ rhyme thing. It’s the one where one says something and with the last word of that sentence, create another one using that as the sentence’s first word. She picked HyukJae as her partner for demonstration.

I don’t really understand all of it, but I could understand/catch ‘bear’ and where there are bears involved, there is bound to be cuteness!

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Episode Notes : 120107 (Additionals)

There’s a fangirl on Baidu that does preliminary translations of TeukSo every week and I usually read hers and watch TeukSo ‘raw’ again while waiting for the actual subs. This week, there were some interesting points that came up.

First is Sora’s drunken act during the interrogation play acting that she and Teukie were doing whilst waiting for the bedding to be packed. I did a translation of the fangirl’s translation so you can see what I mean.

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Episode Notes : 120107

Another lazy day in at home so decided to just mooch and watch TeukSo via iMBC again since it was so much fun last week! Quite worth the time this week too, as it turned out. ^^

Teuk brought along a pair of couple mittens that they won from the Year End special that they could share wearing one side each whilst keeping their free hand warm in his coat pocket! What was cool was that Sora didn’t seem all that awkward holding hands and having her hand in his pocket and Teukie was as happy as a lark with it. LOL!!

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Episode 10 : Quick Notes

Thanks to crappy weather and the resulting feeling of general lethargy, I found myself sitting at home today watching, for the first time ever, ‘We Got Married’ on ‘live’ stream. And I tell you, as a TeukSo fan, it was well worth it! I consider myself lucky that the iMBC was not laggy but being a stream, there is a lot of compromise in quality for audio/visual.

In any case, here is a quick summary of the episode using notes that I made during the ‘live’ stream. I might be ‘off’ on some spots but most of it is here.

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