Teuk on WGM at the ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ Press Conference

I know I am two weeks behind in my writing but this seems to be the hot topic of the moment and since I am in the mood, I figured that I had better get this out of the way before I get sidetracked like I have been the last couple of weeks! (Everything is half-written!! Procrastination will be my downfall!!)

To cut a long story short, some kind souls at Baidu posted some translations of news articles in which Teukie mentioned Sora and WGM. I think they are worth sharing so I took the liberty of translating these translations.

Do note though that since these are translations from translations, I (as usual) took some liberties. The sentence structure of some parts have been changed while translating to make for easier reading while keeping as close I could to the original meaning of the sentences as a whole, so do bear these in mind while reading.

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PD Kim JunHyeon on the couples of ‘We Got Married’

A sojourn through Dimple Couple @ Baidu produced this little gem of an article, which proved to be quite an interesting read, so I decided to do a quick translation from the Chinese translation to share. I am a little lazy to do the grey boxes hence am just hyperlinking to the thread on Baidu in case anybody wants to have a look at it.

The extracts of the article located at the top of the Chinese translation has been omitted because being a ‘highlights’ portion, it just repeats what was said below. The sentence structure of some parts have also been changed while translating to make for easier reading while retaining the original meaning of the sentences as a whole.

WGM’s PD Kim JunHyeon’s Revelation : Researching an Artiste’s Ideal Before Deciding a Match

What is the common factor between Alex and ShinAe, Crown J and Seo InYoung, Kim WonJoon and Park SoHyeon?

All couples that appeared in MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘WGM’) became the topic of ‘real romance’ rumors after their appearances.

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The ‘ShimShimTaPa’ Call

Since it is ‘dry season’ now, I figured that I would take the chance to work backwards and cover those things that I always wanted to talk about but could not coz I was either busy or away, and one of those things was this, Sora’s call into ‘ShimShimTaPa’.

Hours after this call came about, I had to go catch a flight to Okinawa so I watched a recording of the broadcast sans subs while enroute to the airport in a cab. Even without subs on a tiny screen, the happiness that Teukie radiated was simply blinding. Actually, ‘happy’ does not even begin to describe the feeling that he was reflecting on his face. ‘Ecstatic’ probably comes a lot closer. But yes, Park seobang was a VEEEEEERY happy camper that night!

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So some sections of ELFdom are up in arms because Sora set up a group date for Fighting Junior. And Sora’s own Twitter account is being bombarded by fans who are, to put it mildly, highly against the part that she played in getting ‘their men’ involved with other women. Honestly, I find the Sora-bashing sigh-worthy and totally ridiculous.

For one, the boys were the ones that requested for a group date. If you want specifics, HyukJae was the one that came up with it. Now why didn’t anybody go run after Myeolchi’s skinny bum then to ask as to where in that compact frame of his did he get the guts to go ask for a group date on national television, especially when he’s an idol and (apparently) exclusive property to his fans only?

That aside, given that the date request was a request made in exchange for favours done, I do not see how anybody, in possession of a basic, common sense of courtesy, can say ‘no’ especially if he/she was the one that asked for favours to be done. Sora asked Fighting Junior for a favour. Fighting Junior asked her to set up a group date for them in exchange. Fighting Junior delivered. Sora delivered. It was as simple as that. Why should she be shot for it? I would, in fact, be more concerned if she promised but did not deliver coz then she would have been stringing the boys along with empty promises, which to me, is a hundred times more heinous a crime than helping them expand their social circle at their request.

Even if Sora had been mindful of the fact that fans would be pissed and really wanted to quietly sidestep the whole thing, SungMin came up to remind her and asked her about it when he made his guest appearance on the WGM Year End Special. Now, if somebody reminded you on national television that you promised them something and have yet to act on it, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely make it a point to haul arse and make sure it gets done soonest possible. Best if within the next hour to keep further potential embarrassment at a minimal!

My bottomline to the whole matter, is really this: They asked her to do something. She did it. And from the preview, they seemed happy. And to me, NOTHING matters more than them being happy. So there!