Not following on Twitter is NOT a bad sign

Sunshine Lee‘s question on one of my earlier postings pertaining to Teukie and Sora’s tweets suddenly reminded me of one of the things that I always wanted to write about and/or address, but just never got down to. Ahh! Procrastination! Thou wilt be mine downfall! Just seeing how long it took for this post to appear is, in itself, evidence of the same. But I digress.

The essential question was this:

“… why is [Teukie] not following sora in twitter anymore? :\”

My take on the issue is this:

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Sora’s lost her mobile… T_T

@reveramess: 촬영중 핸드폰을 잃어버렸다..ㅜㅜ 그간의 추억들이 너무 안타깝다… 정신머리좀 봐! 이번엔 백업 꼭 해놔야지!!

Translation : Lost my mobile while filming. All the memories.. ㅜㅜ Makes one feel regretful. Keep the spirits up! This time round there will be backups!

Poor Sora lost her mobile while filming this morning. T_T I hope some good samaritan retrieves it and brings it back to her. I wonder how many text messages from her hubby there are in there, how many unpublished selcas of them there are in there, how many…

Oh no!! It just occurred to me that the photo of her first ever dukbokki dish with Teukie is in that phone!! THAT is IMPORTANT!! OMG!! O.O Phone!! Come back!! NOW!! >_<”’

On the side, I am glad that he got her to follow him back on Twitter so even if they lose their phones like how it is with Sora now, they can still keep in the loop and not lose touch totally till the next WGM filming. Am quite sure that he knows by now that she has lost her phone coz he has been flitting in and out of Twitter all day today. If only he would get her a new mobile (of his favoured iPhone kind) just to save his number into it as the very first one on her contact list (speed dial too of course)… *dreams*

Can some kind soul with better Korean help me tell Teukie that please? Thanks! Muaks!! ♥

Mopey Teuk

Park JungSu, Park JungSu… Here I am dragging my sorry bum off to work every day in a daze with my eyes barely open because all I want to do is sleep. There you are having a day or two off to yourself and you are griping about it stressing you out because you have nothing to do save for gym and food, and that you need to find yourself a hobby to kill time. Well. I have the perfect solution for you. Can you please come do my work for me whilst I spend your off days sleeping for you? You work, I sleep! We both win!! Awesome idea, no? And as a bonus, you can get Sora to teach you English so that you can REALLY do my work while I focus on perfecting the art of snoozing! Damn! This is sounding better and better!

Seriously though, this sort of whining over free time from Teukie is nothing new. The last time it happened was towards the tail end of last year and he was sounding really pitiful so much so that I actually felt quite sorry for him. Me!! The one that wishes that work could be outlawed, banned or transform into some non-existent entity! Me!! I actually felt sorry that he was feeling depressed over having free time! I should get my head checked and bring him along with me…


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She tuned in?

That is what I think at least because during the time that EunTeuk were making their final appearance on ‘Sukira’ as the show’s main hosts, this tweet appeared:

Translation : Thank you! Love you! [I am] Happy

If my guess is spot on and she was really referring to ‘Sukira’ then I am happy for 1 and 2 that they have yet another person in the stable who appreciates their time on the show.

Teukie, please continue being nice to Sora!

HyukJae ah, stop being such a monkey at her!

♥ Lee HyukJae! ♥ Park JungSu! ♥ We love you!! ♥

Teuk’s Deleted Tweets to Sora

Teukie has been doing some self-censoring (again!) over the last two days or so and the casualties of this ‘clean-up’ seems to be his honey-dipped, sugar-coated tweets to Sora. I am hazarding a guess that this is a result of all those “I hate Sora!” tweets to him. That and she is already following him on Twitter now, just like he wanted, so they can possibly chat all they want between themselves without being bothered by antis. Ahh, the beauty of the function known as ‘DM’. Let us just hope that Teukie is more adept at DM than he is at posting clickable Twitpic links on tweets. But that is another story for another day.

More importantly, thanks to the wonders of modern technology (and moderately tech-savvy busybody fans like myself), there still remains, documentation of his tiredness-induced aegyo explosions at Kang Sora.

It all started out with this particular tweet which seemingly came very much out of the blue:

Translation: [I am] Your fan~^^ Sora ssi kk kk

Maybe not quite so out of the blue if we take into account that Sora had said herself at the Blue Dragon Film Awards on 25 November 2011 that her dress for the occasion was selected with him in mind. So was he was returning the favour by pledging fan allegiance with her? (Not that he has not done it previously by slipping mentions here and there on ‘Sukira’). But who knows really.

What we do know though, is this: If you think back to the night of 20 November 2011 when he had so dramatically presented her with a ring during his solo set in the middle of the Super Junior concert, thus causing both pro and anti fans to go berserk in their respective polar-opposite ways. That delicate band of metal which he slipped on her finger gave the antis all the motivation that they needed to go all out against Sora and from what I have seen and heard, they REALLY went at her.

What really impressed me with this was that Teukie opted to start reaching out to Sora publicly via Twitter during a time when she was suffering from this huge backlash from fans. In my opinion, he was taking an obvious stance in the situation by tweeting a cute tweet to her whilst she was being hated on by his fans. The message sent was short, simple but very clear: he has got her back and is on her side. That these people are hating on her and he still pops up online in the midst of his packed schedule to show public support for her is probably worth all the couple rings in the world. But I guess it did not quite work out for him since the tweet garnered no response from Sora. Or did it?

Teukie’s next tweet that came about 7 hours later was this:

Translation :  This is Taiwan!! The concert is going from Korea, then Singapore, then Thailand, then Malaysia, then coming back to Korea.. Such a long journey~^^ [picture link omitted] **

And this gets a response!


Granted it came almost 12 hours later but it was a response nonetheless. (You can see the flow through the second screencap by reading bottom up).

Translation : That would be tough on you… ㅜㅜ Hwaiting! Go go!~^^ **

What got me happy about this was that (1) Teukie’s effort in communication was not in vain and (2) Sora was obviously looking his Twitter page up at the time since she responded to a general tweet of his and not the one that was specifically for her.

Our man was obviously encouraged since he followed up with this:

Translation : I’m going back to Korea. You said you’ll be going to Singapore, right??^^ I think I would arrive there at the same day..ㅠㅠ I’ll be glad to greet you (there)!! Anyway, when will we follow each other..? I’m gonna be mad if you left me alone ㅋㅋㅋ **

First request for her to follow him aside, the whole tone of his tweet was very light and conversational without any trace of awkwardness. But more than that, I was amused by his phrasing. There is an air of a certain boyishness to it that is kind of sweet and cute, and it really feels of aegyo. So adorkable our Teukie is!

And it did not end there. Guess who he ‘reports’ to first upon arrival in Singapore?


Translation : Sora ssi I have [just] arrived kk kk Ah Sleep[ing] ㅠㅠ…

Translation : You must be tired… See you later! Performance hwaiting~~!! ***

As a Dimple fan, there were so many awesome things about this exchange and again, Teukie’s phrasing and tone had this childlike tinge to it. It came through feeling that because he was tired, he wanted a bit of attention as well. Which makes me wonder sometimes, after reading back on his tweets to Sora, as to who the baby in their relationship is. This is in no way a complaint of any sort mind you. Teukie is normally the one that does the taking care of so it is perfectly fine if he wants attention and to be taken care of as well for a change. It is just amusing to me because this side of him is REALLY adorable! The ‘I want to pinch your cheeks’ kind of adorable! ^^ I just wish that it did not take him to be worn out to this extent before this sort of adorableness came out. T_T

In any case, the next tweet that Teukie sent to his Sora was a couple days later, and most of us by now should already know what that one says even without translation:

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Out of all the tweets captured on this page, 2 have been deleted: The tweet telling Sora that he had arrived in Singapore and was tired, and the last tweet asking Sora to follow him on Twitter.

There was another tweet of his from 25 November 2011 that was deleted, one that he wrote completely in English that read “U are the one!!!^^“. This I did not manage to screencap before Teukie removed it because I did not see it as being all that significant. There are Dimple fans who speculated that the statement referred to Sora and I guess that since the tweet was cleared together with the other ‘cuter’ tweets to her, it can be inferred that yes, he was in fact referring to her. Personally, I would take this stand with a large pinch of salt because the statement was very ambiguous and with such statements, only the maker will truly understand the meaning and direction of it. For the rest of us, everything is just pure conjecture and personally, I would rather focus on the more evident, substantial aspects of things.

If you have been following Teukie for a while, you will notice that he does not really tweet people directly. Tweeting individuals is a rare occurrence in Teukie’s Twitter world so the mere fact that he tweeted Sora direct, and more than once even before they followed each other on Twitter, can be said to be quite significant a gesture in itself. That he took the initiative to follow her and even asked her twice to follow him is something worth chewing on. In fact, I do not think that it would be far-fetched to conclude that this whole Twitter episode can be safely labelled as evidence that yes, Teukie does like Sora (be it romantic or otherwise) and there can be no doubt about it.

 ** Translations by: @sujunesia
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*** Translation adapted from: stars4u @ soompi

The Husband Sings and The Wife Follows

And I think in the case of TeukSora, this Chinese idiom is something that rings quite true. Not that Sora literally starts singing when Teukie does even though I am sure she does sometimes. It just is that most everything that he suggests that they do, she follows along with it. And their latest display of ‘夫唱妇随’ today has got the Dimple Couple fandom going absolutely crazy.

It all started out with this from our very pro-active Teukie:

Translation : Please follow me ㅋㅋㅋ Yes you can!!!^^” **

I wanted to use the word ‘innocuous’ to describe the tweet but truly, it was anything but innocuous, especially when it transcends that the tweet was actually a follow-up from this:

Yes, Teukie has made the first move in following Sora on Twitter.

I went to Twitter and the howls of despair and dismay were coming through loud and clear. Some tweets were even directed straight at Teukie asking him why he was doing this, that they hate him, hate Sora, hate WGM. Honestly, if Teukie gave a hoot about what people thought over who he associates with, would he have even asked her to follow him in the first place?

Some were even questioning why Teukie was following Sora on Twitter when his following list is still a few short of all the tech-savvy members in his group. Others thought it as being almost blasphemous that he un-followed his soon-to-be ex-radio show on Twitter and followed Sora instead. All I can say is that if you are watching that closely as to whom he follows on Twitter, you would probably have noticed that he does not follow his own blood sister either, so where is the basis of that complaint?

In any case, what followed next was the outcome that Dimple fans (and Teukie himself) wanted:

She followed him back!

One of the things that I really love about Kang Sora is that she is very willing to coordinate herself with Teukie.

“… in situations like this, we should be feeding each other.”

Next thing she does? Feed him (albeit a bit later after the ‘suggestion’ was made because of the awkwardness).

“… we should have ordered only one soda coz we can share.”

Next thing she does? Pick her straw out from her cup of soda and drop it into his so that they can share.

And now? He asks her to follow him and barely an hour later (27 minutes to be exact as per my Twitter timeline) she does exactly as he had asked resulting in this:

To be honest, I was quite worried and wondering if she would really dare follow him back because undeniably, there is a lot of fan hate. If you do a simple search on Twitter, you can see what I mean. Every time Teukie mentions Sora anywhere, there is a burst of ‘I hate Sora’ comments and a number of them are directed straight at Teukie as well. So it is not the case that he is safe from the barrage because he gets it as well. But I have to give props to the man for his courage. He wants to get to know this girl better (be it for romantic or purely platonic reasons) and he is really going all out to do that whether fans like it or not.

And I am truly heartened because to me, her very simple action of following him back on Twitter seems indicative enough that she knows that even with all the backlash, he has got her back. Those of us that have been following SuJu will know that when Leader has got your back, he REALLY has it because Super Junior’s Lee Teuk is AWESOME that way! ^^

Park JungSu’s back is big, wide and VERY RELIABLE so lean all you want Sora-sshi coz he’s letting you lean on it! Lucky girl! ^^

** Translation: @mimilovemicky
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