So much NOISE MBC!

Today Dimple fandom underwent yet another crisis when MBC released ‘news’ of the impending exit of all the existing couples on the show. All, including TeukSo because of Teukie’s impending enlistment and Sora’s casting in ‘Dream High 2’. This news upset me in several ways.

For one, it was already a foregone conclusion that TeukSo’s outing on WGM would not be a long-lived one precisely because of Teukie having to enlist this year. And from what I see, most are already speculating that to happen by April if not June 2012. Their exit, when it happens, will not be a surprise. What shocked everyone was how early their exit was announced. Honestly MBC, if you were going to add TeukSo into your line-up only to force them out in three months, what was the point of even having them there in the first place then?

To make it additionally upsetting, come 8 January 2012, this couple will reach their very first milestone in the form of their first 100 days together. To have this news come out now even before this milestone is reached, is, at its mildest, highly distressing especially to fans who have been looking forward to wishing their favourite couple well on this very special day.

It is even more frustrating because it is plain to see that this couple is really working hard and putting effort into building their relationship despite their awareness of how much time is working against them. Teukie, especially, has been pulling out all the stops since Day 1 and Sora has not only been actively working to match his pace but doing all that she can to reciprocate and respond to his efforts as well. They are both working very hard to make the best out of the short time that they have. What exactly is MBC trying to do by pulling a stunt like this?

I cannot help but think that this whole mess is a result of MBC taking advantage of the situation and milking the SuJu cow for all that it is worth. WGM would be filming a group date for ‘Fighting Junior’ since Sora has promised them one, so MBC probably decided to take advantage of the situation, tag onto SuJu’s popularity and create a spin-off built on the SuJu members that are by now familiar faces on WGM. SungMin is arguably the most ‘involved’ brother-in-law in TeukSo’s relationship and DongHae’s ‘Man Number 3’ has progressed from running gag to a sub-identity for him, all because of WGM. So I’m not surprised that they got arrowed at all. But as much as I love and adore SuJu, to make two of their members permanent casts at the same time, is, imo, a bit too much.

That said, I’m a little surprised that they are looking to retire the entire existing cast. Eight months, as of now, isn’t really all that long and even though I have not caught up on Brave/Campus Couples of late, I would have thought that they still have some mileage in them that would serve as decent fodder for tv. Maybe MBC just wants to clear out the cast and start Season 4 already…

Be as it may, I honestly think that this is, primarily, just a whole lot of noise marketing from MBC. It might be to promote WGM itself, or to generate media interest in the upcoming spin-off or to just irritate ELFs in general, I don’t know. All I can say is that even though it might be true that MBC is retiring the existing couples, given the impressive speed at which Teukie moved to stamp news of his own departure out, I think that I can safely say that for him at least, leaving the show at this point in time is something which he has yet to consider. We have already seen him having to make an exit from a programme that he was not ready to leave. Am just hoping that the same does not happen for WGM since I dare say that he -is- having fun being on it. I say leave the man be and let him go at his time and space. He’s already short of it. Let him have fun while he can.