Smile :)

This is one of the reasons as to why I love Lee Teuk. His smile is always so bright it lights up his entire mein and warms the hearts of those watching him. And this is discounting the disarming power of the dimple that appears whenever he flashes his pearlies, the gentle and polite approach that he takes to things and his ability to turn into a roaring lion in a snap whenever the honour of Super Junior is at stake. But loving Teukie is just part of the reason as to why this blog even exists.

Truth be told, I was one of those that was actively hurling curses at SM when rumours of Teukie appearing on WGM surfaced. The cursing was not so much a result of having to watch him get paired up as married with another woman. The cursing arose from what I personally felt was the more pressing issue of things being added to Teukie’s already overflowing plate. At the point when the news broke, he was regularly appearing on at least four different varieties, doing a radio show with HyukJae and prepping for a world tour with Super Junior. Just how much abuse can a human body take before it breaks down? I can tell you, not much.

But after watching the first two episodes of WGM, I came to the conclusion that Teukie being on the show was fine with me, and this feeling of positivity was reinforced through the viewing of the episodes that followed. For one, he seemed to genuinely enjoy Sora’s company right from the start, even if the atmosphere was awkward and they were just quietly sitting without quite knowing what to do next. The deciding factor for me though, was Teukie’s smiling.

Maybe it was clever editing on the crew’s part but Teukie was REALLY smiling. Every time he looked at her, he would smile. Every single time. And the smile that appeared on his face each time was so warm, so innocent, so genuine, my heart just melted. To me, if he is able to smile this way, all the way, while working, it must mean that the work that he is doing is something that he is deriving pleasure from. If Teukie is happy, there is no reason as to why I, as a fan of his, should have problems with it.

I do contribute a little to forums (some of the content here I have rehashed from my postings elsewhere) just to be social, but I am generally, a very lazy person. Even though there are times when I feel like saying lots, I tend to hold back simply because writing is a little bit of a chore for me. ‘Because when I do write, I tend to write a lot and if I did that on forums or other mediums, all that verbosity might end up causing more head (and eye) ache to others. And it does not help that there are times when using a neutral tone just does not cut it, so instead of running the risk of offending others on their turf, I figured a blog would be best so that I can write at will and at leisure, and at any length that I might wish to write.

Which brings me to my next point: I do actually make an effort to be as neutral as possible when I write, but this is, after all, a pro-Dimple Couple blog. For those of you who love Teukie and Sora as much as I do, you are most welcome here. For those who absolutely hate the pairing, let us just agree to disagree and be civil about things while going our own separate way.

Peace! v(“,)


3 thoughts on “Smile :)

  1. Haha. I just read this post of yours. It sounds sooo much like me. The lazy bits and all. ^^
    Wonderful g. ^^ Glad to have you back.


  2. U speak my mind~!! Almost all of what u wrote in this blog are already sitting in my mind for ages..its like we are sharing mind and same opinion..your writing are quite long hehe..but rest assure, I love to read it..~!
    I don’t know why, but I’m really glad I found this blog.=)

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Rest assured I will continue to write. It might come slowly coz my mind usually runs a lot faster than my fingers can keep up, but I will continue to write about them.

      Thanks again! ^o^


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