Episode Notes : 111008

Thanks to the MBC strike and the drought of new WGM episodes, there is a bit of time for me to go back and catch up on writing on older TeukSora episodes that I did not get to write about. I initially thought of working backwards but I figured that since I have the time, that I might as well work from the very first episode since I would be rewatching everything all over again anyway. So here is the first of the result of that ‘working backwards’ that I am doing. With any luck, I will get derailed from doing this very soon when the strike is over but till then, I shall endeavor to catch up as much as I can.

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Episode Notes : 120128

So this week we start off with a quick recap of what happened last week before the girls start demonstrating their respective talents.

Think EunSeo was demonstrating the use of some dialect while Sena said that coz she’s bad in aegyo she had been practicing using the Korean word game/ rhyme thing. It’s the one where one says something and with the last word of that sentence, create another one using that as the sentence’s first word. She picked HyukJae as her partner for demonstration.

I don’t really understand all of it, but I could understand/catch ‘bear’ and where there are bears involved, there is bound to be cuteness!

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Dilly*Dally – The ‘Group Date’ Bakery

‘Because I have the heart, body, mind and soul of a foodie, I am putting aside everything to touch on the place that Fighting Junior had their group date in. In light of the fact that one still has SEVERAL half-written posts about everything else that has happened over the course of the last two months (urk!!), one shall endeavour to keep this short and relatively sweet. One, however, cannot promise that this will be painless. This is, afterall, a post concerning food. Unless you happen to not like food then that is a totally different issue.

This all started out because I caught a glimpse of the floormats that TeukSora were trodding on when they entered the bakery. MBC’s editing room was being sloppy as usual so they covered up the name of the bakery here but not there. Anyway, this is MBC and we know how they can (not) work so…

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So some sections of ELFdom are up in arms because Sora set up a group date for Fighting Junior. And Sora’s own Twitter account is being bombarded by fans who are, to put it mildly, highly against the part that she played in getting ‘their men’ involved with other women. Honestly, I find the Sora-bashing sigh-worthy and totally ridiculous.

For one, the boys were the ones that requested for a group date. If you want specifics, HyukJae was the one that came up with it. Now why didn’t anybody go run after Myeolchi’s skinny bum then to ask as to where in that compact frame of his did he get the guts to go ask for a group date on national television, especially when he’s an idol and (apparently) exclusive property to his fans only?

That aside, given that the date request was a request made in exchange for favours done, I do not see how anybody, in possession of a basic, common sense of courtesy, can say ‘no’ especially if he/she was the one that asked for favours to be done. Sora asked Fighting Junior for a favour. Fighting Junior asked her to set up a group date for them in exchange. Fighting Junior delivered. Sora delivered. It was as simple as that. Why should she be shot for it? I would, in fact, be more concerned if she promised but did not deliver coz then she would have been stringing the boys along with empty promises, which to me, is a hundred times more heinous a crime than helping them expand their social circle at their request.

Even if Sora had been mindful of the fact that fans would be pissed and really wanted to quietly sidestep the whole thing, SungMin came up to remind her and asked her about it when he made his guest appearance on the WGM Year End Special. Now, if somebody reminded you on national television that you promised them something and have yet to act on it, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely make it a point to haul arse and make sure it gets done soonest possible. Best if within the next hour to keep further potential embarrassment at a minimal!

My bottomline to the whole matter, is really this: They asked her to do something. She did it. And from the preview, they seemed happy. And to me, NOTHING matters more than them being happy. So there!

Episode 10 : Quick Notes

Thanks to crappy weather and the resulting feeling of general lethargy, I found myself sitting at home today watching, for the first time ever, ‘We Got Married’ on ‘live’ stream. And I tell you, as a TeukSo fan, it was well worth it! I consider myself lucky that the iMBC was not laggy but being a stream, there is a lot of compromise in quality for audio/visual.

In any case, here is a quick summary of the episode using notes that I made during the ‘live’ stream. I might be ‘off’ on some spots but most of it is here.

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